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Drivers in Brazil will intentionally run-down small animals, but only if it is safe

Fragmented forests hurt some bat species, may benefit others

Is REDD+ bad for wildlife? New study says lowland forest protection bias unfair, urges change

‘Exciting implications’ for conservation: new technology brings the lab to the field

Size matters: small animals abundant in fragmented forests, large animals not

Logging in Vietnam still affecting rare trees 30 years later

A taste for wildlife: what’s driving bushmeat hunting in Tanzania?

Study finds tiny cloud forests have big biodiversity

Scientists: Neotropical otter should not be considered threatened

Monkeys reset camera trap, capture first-ever images of flat-headed cats in park

Will yellow fever drive brown howler monkeys to extinction in Argentina?

Kala: the face of tigers in peril

Researchers use new technique to shed light on endangered tapir

Alien trees use logging roads to invade Borneo forests

Over 9,000 primates killed for single bushmeat market in West Africa every year

Bizarre, endangered bird discovered in high densities

New Guinea animals losing vital tree cavities to logging, hunting practices

Asian elephants depend on shifting cultivation during the dry season

A bird’s eye view of hornbills in northeast India

Scientists: well-managed forest restoration benefits both biodiversity and people

Camera traps find less mammals than expected in Costa Rican corridor

Odd porcupine hugely imperiled by hunting, deforestation

Characteristics of nutmeg family explored

Wildlife in Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve suffers from lack of a transition zone

Has Brazil turned against its progressive environmental policies?

African manatee hanging on in Cameroon

Camera-traps reveal surprising mammals at remote site in Honduras (photos)

New prioritization for Brazil’s threatened mammals pushes little known primates and rodents to the top

Are ‘novel’ tropical forests nature’s response to global change?

60 big cats killed in Brazilian parks in last two years

On guard: protecting wildlife in a heavily hunted Brazilian forest

Over 16,000 wild mammals and birds sold in Nagaland market, India, annually

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