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Anti-whaling activist Paul Watson arrested in Greenland

Activists in Cameroon repeatedly questioned by authorities following Mongabay story

‘Masters of deception’ cuckoos evolving into new species

Electric vehicles are not so green

The nine processes that keep Earth stable

Cambodian hydropower dam may be linked to illegal logging

An Indigenous-led biodiversity credit scheme in the Colombian Amazon

Over 2 million people cut off by extreme rain in Bangladesh

More than 1,300 Muslim pilgrims die in Mecca under 50C heat

Death and displacement as fatal storms hit Sri Lanka

Despite drought, Amazon deforestation alerts hit five-year low

Exposing how environmental crimes are covered up in the Amazon

Deforestation alerts in the Brazilian Amazon fall to a 5-year low

Fires surge in the Amazon, but deforestation continues to fall

World Economic Forum features Mongabay’s work

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Deforestation falls for 8th straight month in the Amazon rainforest, but rises in the cerrado

Brazil proposes $250 billion “Tropical Forests Forever” fund for rainforests

Investigation shows ‘shadow companies’ linked to Indonesia palm oil giant First Resources

Mongabay discusses the launch of Africa news bureau with director David Akana

Mongabay launches Africa news bureau

Mongabay wins prestigious 2023 Biophilia Award for Environmental Communication

Video: Rice as a peace offering in India’s human-elephant conflict capital

Mongabay Explains: How high-tech tools are used for successful reforestation

Rio de Janeiro’s defender of mangroves

Forests & Finance: Cameroon raw log ban expands and Nigerian villagers act against ‘forest bandits’

Science and culture join forces to restore 120 miles of Hawaiian reefs

Mongabay Explains: What’s the difference between artisanal and industrial fishing?

Element Africa: Deadly violence and massive graft at Tanzania and DRC mines

Mongabay Explains: What’s all the brouhaha over bottom trawling?

Into the Wasteland, part 3: Buried in Europe’s recycling

Is waste crime ‘the new narcotics’ in the U.K.? Into the Wasteland, part 2

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