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Indigenous groups oppose priest pushing for road through uncontacted tribes’ land

Group releases close-up photos of ‘uncontacted’ tribe in Peru

Peru’s real test is a 200km pipeline

Isolated indigenous people and tourists collide in Peru park

Uncontacted tribe missing after armed drug dealers storm their forest

Germany backs out of Yasuni deal

ConocoPhillips withdraws from oil exploitation in uncontacted indigenous territory

Indigenous group claims Ecuadorian government complicit in ‘genocide’

Incredible new photos of uncontacted tribe in the Amazon

Oil, indigenous people, and Ecuador’s big idea

50 NGOS tell big oil to get out of uncontacted natives’ territory

Chaco biodiversity expedition suspended

Chaco expedition working to “minimize the risk” of running into uncontacted natives

NGO warns oil exploration in Peru may ‘decimate’ uncontacted tribes

Yasuni on film: could a documentary save the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem?

Mahogany market in US threatening the lives of uncontacted natives in the Amazon

Spotted uncontacted native flees, leaving dinner and dish behind

Spotted uncontacted native flees, leaving dinner and dish behind

Oil company to cut 454 kilometers of seismic lines in uncontacted tribe territory

Cattle company bulldozing UNESCO site, threatening uncontacted natives

Photos reveal illegal logging near uncontacted natives in Peru

Brazil to use body-heat sensing technology to find uncontacted Amazon tribes

Last uncontacted tribe in Paraguay rapidly losing homeland

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