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Next to India’s capital, a village looks to the past for its forest’s future

Leopards could reduce rabies by controlling stray dog numbers in India, study finds

Social-media firestorm defends popular man-eating tiger in India, raising conservation questions

Can the millions in urban India live among greenery?

Will tigers march ahead? Scientists find surprising connections between isolated populations in Central India

Tracking one of the world’s last Great Indian Bustards to save the species

Curious bears take ‘selfies’ with camera traps

Where have all the dugongs gone?

The swan song of India’s dancing bears

Photo essay: notes from India’s Kabini River

Wildlife in Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve suffers from lack of a transition zone

Photo essay: India’s Western Ghats is a haven for endemic amphibians

India moves rapidly to protect Amur falcons from mass-hunting

Amendments to Indian legislation could pose a threat to wildlife research

Sahyadris – Mountains of the Monsoon

New Android app helps you identify frogs in the Western Ghats

Scientists map human-wildlife conflict in India

Scientists develop new model to estimate poaching in animal populations

First of its kind rescue and release for sloth bear in India

How tigers are faring in their final frontier

Saving the Raja of India’s grasslands: new efforts to conserve the Critically Endangered Great Indian Bustard

Local people provide wildlife and forest data in park plagued by conflict

India’s hornbill conservator is awarded the ‘Green Oscar’

Where the flamingos fly: Mumbai, apparently!

Human-wildlife conflict on the rise in India

Where do the birds fly? – Migrant Watch, a ‘citizen science’ data collection organization tells you

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