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Six nations, including U.S., set up climate initiative to target short-term greenhouse gases

Green groups: government moving too slowly on protecting Canada’s Great Bear rainforest

Bad feedback loop: climate change diminishing Canadian forest’s carbon sink

U.S. media favored Keystone pipeline in coverage

Obama rejects Keystone pipeline, but leaves door open for tar sands

Disease kills 6 million bats in North America

Seals, birds, and alpine plants suffer under climate change

Animal picture of the day: pronghorn in the snow

Harsh words for Canada after it abandons Kyoto Protocol

Global carbon emissions rise 49 percent since 1990

Africa, China call out Canada for climate betrayal

Obama Administration bows to pressure, delays tar sands pipeline

12,000 surround White House to protest tar sands pipeline

Bat-killing culprit identified by scientists

Sober up: world running out of time to keep planet from over-heating

New study: price carbon at the point of fossil fuel extraction

Tar sands pipeline ‘another dirty needle feeding America’s fossil fuel addiction’

Keystone pipeline company hand-picked US government’s environmental assessor

Climate change shocker: Canada’s ice shelves halved in six years

Over 100 arrested as tar sands civil disobedience spreads to Canada

Climate test for Obama: 1,252 people arrested over notorious oil pipeline

Featured video: debating the tar sands pipeline as arrests mount

Over 100 protestors arrested as civil action begins against tar sands pipeline to US

Last search for the Eskimo curlew

Beaver dam lessens impact of massive oil spill in Canada

Birnam Wood in the 21st Century: northern forest invading Arctic tundra as world warms

Arctic fish catch vastly underreported (by hundreds of thousands of metric tons) for 5 decades

American cougars on the decline: ‘We’re running against the clock,’ says big cat expert

Flight of the Monarchs Reveals Environmental Connections across a Continent

Nation’s wealth does not guarantee green practices

Pencitraan satelit NASA tunjukkan rekaman rendahnya salju di Amerika Serikat

Timber certification is not enough to save rainforests

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