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Hold my ointment: Wild orangutan observed healing wound with medicinal plant

Super flock of pigeons leaves Nepali researchers asking what happened

Orangutan ‘beatboxing’ offers clues about human language, study says

Fear not the bobcat (Commentary)

Scientists rediscover mammalian oddity in remote Vietnam

Video: scientists capture giant spider eating an opossum

Relative of ‘penis snake’ amphibian named after Donald Trump

Epic battle between tiger and sloth bear caught on film

Videos unlock secrets of jellyfish as deep-sea killers

‘Snow white’ giraffes caught on video for the first time

Newly discovered gecko loses scales in ‘really bizarre’ behavior

Tadpoles found living in Japanese streams with hottest water ever recorded for an amphibian

Scientists have discovered six new dancing peacock spiders in Australia

Scientists discover ‘friendly cartoon ghost’ octopod in deep ocean off Hawaii

“Two-faced” cougar raises questions

Student becomes first researcher to hold an Annamite striped rabbit

Recently discovered ‘punkrocker’ frog changes skin texture in minutes

Halloween in the Amazon: baby bird dresses up like killer caterpillar

Even cockroaches have personalities

New study argues the Anthropocene began in 1610

Human impacts are ‘decoupling’ coral reef ecosystems

How the Sahara keeps the Amazon rainforest going

Bison-sized rodent may have used teeth like elephant tusks

Scientists uncover new seadragon

How termites hold back the desert

New study: ‘Yeti’ hairs do not point to unknown bear species

New bat species has fangs you won’t believe

Scientists rediscover Critically Endangered streamside frog in Costa Rica

Giant stone face unveiled in the Amazon rainforest (video)

Meet the world’s rarest chameleon: Chapman’s pygmy

Gone for good: world’s largest earwig declared extinct

Rediscovered in 2010, rare Indian frog surprises by breeding in bamboo

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