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    1. Forest Code falls short in protecting Amazonian fish [22928]
    2. Malaysia seizes 337 kg of pangolin scales worth nearly $1 million [20804]
    3. RSPO tops among certification schemes, though all must improve: report [17052]
    4. For indigenous kids in Indonesian Borneo, an early start to forest stewardship [15421]
    5. Videos unlock secrets of jellyfish as deep-sea killers [13472]
    6. Malaysia’s last female Sumatran rhino falls ill [11735]
    7. Counting tigers on smartphones [11170]
    8. Bats key pollinators for durian production, new study says [10916]
    9. Harnessing the power of camera trap bycatch data to monitor threatened species (commentary) [10349]
    10. Author Steven Kotler on tackling the biodiversity crisis with technology [9366]
    11. Tanzania used as case study for quickly and cheaply identifying wildlife corridors in need of conservation [8898]
    12. The top 10 most biodiverse countries [8697]
    13. Climate scientists see silver lining in Bali volcano’s ash cloud [7939]
    14. Bees for trees: testing a potential tool for reducing human-elephant conflict [7478]
    15. Pulp and paper giant sues Indonesian government over peat protection obligation [6746]
    16. Thylacine survey: Are we going to rediscover the ‘moonlight tiger’? [6582]
    17. Building a refuge where trawlers now ravage Cambodia’s marine life [6386]
    18. Brilliant blue tarantula among potentially new species discovered in Guyana [6278]
    19. Meet the new giant sunfish that has evaded scientists for centuries [5872]
    20. Recognition of Mentawai tribes marks Indonesia’s latest piecemeal concession to indigenous groups [5466]
    21. WATCH: Rare sighting of mother Sunda clouded leopard and cubs caught on film [5258]
    22. Abandoned by their sponsors, Madagascar’s orphaned parks struggle on [4276]
    23. Trump’s indecision on trophy hunting reignites heated debate [3930]
    24. Glimmer of hope as Malaysia’s last female Sumatran rhino shows signs of recovery [3746]
    25. Photos: Top 20 new species of 2017 [3521]
    26. Colombian community leader allegedly murdered for standing up to palm oil [3332]
    27. Paper giant and its ‘suppliers’ are essentially one and the same, investigation finds [3310]
    28. Forced out or killed: rare chimps go missing from Cameroon mountain forest [3220]
    29. From rescue to research: training detection dogs for conservation [3146]
    30. Why losing big animals causes big problems in tropical forests [3101]
    31. As 2017 hurricane season ends, scientists assess tropical forest harm [3050]
    32. From friends to strangers: The decline of the Irrawaddy dolphin (commentary) [2833]
    33. Extreme seasonal changes in Amazon river levels threaten forest conservation by indigenous people [2701]
    34. Experts to China: cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapse [2663]
    35. Raising beef cattle on grass can create a higher carbon footprint than feedlots, new study suggests [2640]
    36. Video: Power lines killing the last remaining Great Indian Bustards in India [2595]
    37. So long, UNESCO! What does U.S. withdrawal mean for the environment? [2556]
    38. Peru: Illegal mining devastates forests in Amazonas Region [2496]
    39. Prince Harry becomes president of conservation group [2419]
    40. Nigeria pledges to restore nearly 10 million acres of degraded land [2402]
    41. Portable DNA analysis tool identifies species on site to help combat wildlife crime [2265]
    42. DNA analysis shows Sumatran rhinos peaked during last Ice Age, never recovered [2236]
    43. Petition for Indonesian government to save Sumatran rhino garners global support [2172]
    44. Photo Essay: Along Myanmar’s charcoal highway [2130]
    45. Catch-all fisheries are squeezing Asia’s seahorses [2105]
    46. Brazil / UK push offshore oil pact, a potential climate change disaster [1998]
    47. Tropical deforestation is getting bigger, study finds [1933]
    48. Is Cambodia’s plan to reintroduce tigers doomed to fail? [1891]
    49. Experience or evidence: How do big conservation NGOs make decisions? [1760]
    50. Armed conflict was not always ‘good’ for preventing deforestation in Colombia (commentary) [1685]

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    2017 stories with more than 10K reads

    1. Watch video of an electric eel attack [402152]
    2. Namibia’s low cost, sustainable solution to seabird bycatch [342318]
    3. Meet the new giant sunfish that has evaded scientists for centuries [121381]
    4. Camera trapping in the trees [105570]
    5. Hunted to the brink: Mammals in crisis [96486]
    6. A rich person’s profession? Young conservationists struggle to make it [76611]
    7. 2 new reptiles discovered in Sumatra [72722]
    8. At 2017 minimum, scientists ask: Is Arctic entering the Thin Ice Age? [72590]
    9. The top 10 most biodiverse countries [70726]
    10. Merabu’s efforts to keep the carbon in its trees [70421]
    11. Newly discovered gecko loses scales in ‘really bizarre’ behavior [64266]
    12. India and Nepal team up to rescue flooded rhinos [61451]
    13. Temer government set to overthrow Brazil’s environmental agenda [58767]
    14. Camera traps capture ‘fantastically bizarre’ animal behavior in South African park [56410]
    15. Much deeper than we expected’: Huge peatland offers up more surprises [56325]
    16. What does Nature give us? A special Earth Day article [53337]
    17. From loathed to loved: Villagers rally to save Greater Adjutant stork [52726]
    18. Indonesia abuzz over possible finding of extinct tiger [49369]
    19. The world’s best mother: meet the octopus that guards its eggs for over four years [48915]
    20. Snake photographed in Ethiopia may be new species of venomous viper [45049]
    21. Predator Mobbing:’ Watch gibbons, monkeys team up to fight off leopard [44004]
    22. First-ever population estimate of the mysterious marbled cat from continental Asia revealed [40163]
    23. The world’s 5 most Endangered wild cats [39716]
    24. Monkey rediscovered in Brazil after 80 years [39376]
    25. Delays continue over signing of Guyana-EU trade agreement to combat illegal logging [38987]
    26. Loss of wildlife and deforestation can increase human disease [38816]
    27. Uncontacted Amazon indigenous groups reportedly attacked by outsiders [38353]
    28. Camera traps reveal surprises in Peru [38077]
    29. Invasion of Poisonous Asian toad in Madagascar is a greater threat to biodiversity than previously thought [37526]
    30. Ten good news stories for Endangered Species Day [35850]
    31. New research shows role ancient peoples might have played in shaping Amazon rainforest [35705]
    32. Terror from above: eagle tackles deer in stunning camera trap photos [33855]
    33. Saving Bangladesh’s last rainforest [32992]
    34. First ever photos of wild lion nursing leopard cub [31993]
    35. With poaching curtailed, a new menace to Nepal’s wildlife [31512]
    36. 30 years of protecting the mysterious Okapi [31292]
    37. Probing rural poachers in Africa: Why do they poach? [31291]
    38. Ongoing mass extinction causing ‘biological annihilation,’ new study says [30888]
    39. ‘Penis snake’ discovered in Brazil is actually a rare species of amphibian [30308]
    40. The Eighth Great Ape: New orangutan species discovered in Sumatra [29524]
    41. Extremely rare bay cat filmed in Borneo [29241]
    42. Protecting a forest in the land of the Indonesian deer-pig [28911]
    43. The women who live alongside rhinos in India [28429]
    44. Dogs, dung, and DNA: mapping multi-species corridors to conserve threatened carnivores [28195]
    45. E.O. Wilson on Half-Earth, Donald Trump, and hope [28054]
    46. Ancient hunter-gatherer tribe protects traditional forest with help from carbon trading [27919]
    47. When cute turns deadly – the story of a wildlife biologist who was bit by a venomous slow loris, and lived to tell the tale [27548]
    48. The triumph of the bison: Europe’s biggest animal bounces back a century after vanishing [26648]
    49. In Liberia, a battered palm oil industry adjusts to new rules [26607]
    50. RSPO tops among certification schemes, though all must improve: report [26593]
    51. Three years after the tragedy of Saweto, where is the justice and security? (commentary) [25090]
    52. Short-eared dog? Uncovering the secrets of one of the Amazon’s most mysterious mammals [25089]
    53. Road building threatens forests, water supplies in Kuala Lumpur area [24900]
    54. Documenting the fight to save Borneo’s animals [23946]
    55. 381 new species described from the Amazon over two-year period [23847]
    56. Tango in the Wind:’ New film captures courtship dance of critically endangered Hooded Grebe for first time ever [23743]
    57. Will the bird that dodged a bullet pay the price of peace? [23308]
    58. The snake that decapitates its prey [23304]
    59. Forest Code falls short in protecting Amazonian fish [22928]
    60. Fish kills at Amazon’s Belo Monte dam point up builder’s failures [22772]
    61. Meet the world’s 25 most endangered primates [22711]
    62. Does community-based forest management work in the tropics? [22506]
    63. Stalking snow leopards: Q&A with the director of ‘Ghost of the Mountains’ [22277]
    64. Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia [21766]
    65. Camera traps reveal undiscovered leopard population in Javan forest [21753]
    66. Malaysia seizes 337 kg of pangolin scales worth nearly $1 million [21441]
    67. World’s tallest tropical tree discovered, along with nearly 50 other record-breakers [21247]
    68. Hunting, not deforestation, biggest threat to Southeast Asian biodiversity: Study [20923]
    69. The palm oil fiefdom [20906]
    70. How animals react to a solar eclipse [20721]
    71. Lions return to Rwanda [20569]
    72. Giant squid caught on video in Japanese harbor [20090]
    73. A new secret runway found in Laguna del Tigre National Park in Guatemala [20026]
    74. Lakes in community hands spur gains for people and fish [19649]
    75. Malaysia has the world’s highest deforestation rate, reveals Google forest map [19311]
    76. Proposed Trump policy threatens Critically Endangered Grauer’s gorilla [19257]
    77. Carbon sequestration role of savanna soils key to climate goals [19199]
    78. Is intensification of beef production really a solution to Amazonian deforestation? [18951]
    79. The end of a People: Amazon dam destroys sacred Munduruku ‘Heaven’ [18533]
    80. Amazon dam defeats Brazil’s environment agency (commentary) [18049]
    81. Ranking the world’s best – and worst – palm oil companies in terms of sustainability [17857]
    82. 4 sperm whales dead after mass stranding in Sumatra [17697]
    83. Harsh sentence for blogger may haunt Vietnam’s environmental movement [17636]
    84. Pangolin hunting skyrockets in Central Africa, driven by international trade [17630]
    85. The rise and fall of Regina Lopez, the Philippines’ maverick environment minister [17474]
    86. Documenting Africa’s poaching epidemic: Q&A with the director of ‘The Last Animals’ [17463]
    87. New dolphin discovered in the Amazon surprises scientists [17330]
    88. Study examines sex-specific responses of Neotropical bats to habitat fragmentation [17191]
    89. How many trees are cut down every year? [17112]
    90. Law enforcers recover 38 sea turtles in eastern Indonesia — 6 of them dead [16962]
    91. Photo of ‘resurrected’ extinct Indonesian tiger is actually leopard, scientists say [16524]
    92. What happens after a mining rush? Photographs from Madagascar [16414]
    93. Looks like Casper: Expedition captures first-ever live footage of ghostlike fish [16149]
    94. Indonesia’s decision to share vessel tracking data ‘ill-advised,’ some say [16120]
    95. Video: Hatchlings boost hope for extremely rare duck [16076]
    96. Does forest certification really work? [15999]
    97. What’s the current deforestation rate in the Amazon rainforest? [15839]
    98. How much of a shock can an electric eel deliver? A scientist just found out first-hand [15723]
    99. Brilliant blue tarantula among potentially new species discovered in Guyana [15712]
    100. For indigenous kids in Indonesian Borneo, an early start to forest stewardship [15421]
    101. North America’s ash trees, Africa’s antelopes face heightened threat of extinction [14980]
    102. Killed, forced, afraid’: Philippine palm oil legacy incites new fears [14897]
    103. Worst-case scenario: There could be only 30 wild Sumatran rhinos left [14817]
    104. Iconic musician Paul Simon announces tour supporting biodiversity [14378]
    105. In rural Indonesia, a village learns to embrace its forest through sustainability [14246]
    106. Bats key pollinators for durian production, new study says [14201]
    107. Humpback whales rescue seals and other animals from killer whales [14044]
    108. Agroforestry: An increasingly popular solution for a hot, hungry world [13994]
    109. Thylacine survey: Are we going to rediscover the ‘moonlight tiger’? [13800]
    110. Videos unlock secrets of jellyfish as deep-sea killers [13472]
    111. New species of wild ginger discovered in DR Congo [13175]
    112. Author Steven Kotler on tackling the biodiversity crisis with technology [13057]
    113. Photo Essay: Along Myanmar’s charcoal highway [12925]
    114. Seychelles home to new species of caecilian, a legless amphibian [12676]
    115. Will Madagascar lose its most iconic primate? [12628]
    116. Vietnam sweats bullets as China and Laos dam the Mekong [12580]
    117. Myanmar caves yield up 19 new gecko species [12563]
    118. It only took 2,500 people to kill off the world’s biggest birds [12530]
    119. Indonesia for Sale: in-depth series on corruption, palm oil and rainforests starts tomorrow [12529]
    120. Peru lost more than 1 million hectares of Amazon forest over a period of 15 years [12505]
    121. Warriors and wildlife: an interview with Paul Thomson of Ewaso Lions [12421]
    122. NASA releases images of dramatic deforestation in Cambodia [12211]
    123. A Whitley Award winner’s 20-year battle to save the world’s largest eagle in Venezuela [11862]
    124. Malaysia’s last female Sumatran rhino falls ill [11735]
    125. New research might finally establish true identity of the mysterious Yeti [11700]
    126. Endangered species to declare?’ Europe’s understudied bushmeat trade [11678]
    127. How many plant species are there in the world? Scientists now have an answer [11601]
    128. Rate of human-wildlife conflict in India has researchers making urgent appeals for solutions [11426]
    129. Island-hopping toxic toad threatens iconic Komodo dragon [11325]
    130. Downstream from a coal mine, villages in Indonesian Borneo suffer from water pollution [11315]
    131. Pangolins reduced to small, isolated populations in Bangladesh: new study [11244]
    132. Counting tigers on smartphones [11170]
    133. Record Amazon fires stun scientists; sign of sick, degraded forests [11144]
    134. Amazon turtles imperilled by dams, mercury pollution and illegal trade [11070]
    135. New York detective work saves rhinos in South Africa (commentary) [11063]
    136. Things you want to know about Mongabay [10976]
    137. The ape who escaped Indonesia’s blackmarket trade in pet orangutans [10918]
    138. Two Indonesian soldiers found to be smuggling dozens of porcupines [10810]
    139. Papua New Guinea’s oil and gas boom – blessing or curse? [10656]
    140. Rare fishing cat photographed in Cambodia [10531]
    141. Amazon deforestation linked to McDonald’s and British retail giants [10476]
    142. Long-term thermal imaging video surveillance records how disease affects hibernating bats [10437]
    143. Harnessing the power of camera trap bycatch data to monitor threatened species (commentary) [10349]
    144. As Thailand ramps up its palm oil sector, peat forests feel the pressure [10305]
    145. The curious case of the phantom hippo teeth [10222]
    146. Footprints in the forest: The future of the Sumatran rhino [10212]
    147. Saving orphaned baby rhinos in India [10206]
    148. Brazil: deforestation in the Amazon increased 29% over last year [10204]
    149. Cash for conservation: Do payments for ecosystem services work? [10187]
    150. Great apes in Asian circus-style shows on rise — so is trafficking [10152]
    151. Trump budget undercuts U.S. commitment to global wildlife conservation [10132]