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How effective is the EU’s marquee policy to reduce the illegal timber trade?

New illegal logging threatens Liberia’s forests amid vague ban

Malaysian logger Samling’s track record leaves Indigenous Sarawak questioning its plans

Small wins for Indigenous Malaysian activists in dispute with timber giant

EU deforestation-free rule ‘highly challenging’ for SE Asia smallholders, experts say

Forests in the furnace: Can fashion brands tackle illegal logging in their Cambodian supply chains?

Is Jeff Bezos’s $500 million yacht made with ‘blood timber’ from Myanmar? (commentary)

U.S. traders flouting sanctions on buying Myanmar teak, report says

Corruption threatens timber traceability in Nkok, Gabon

Logging permit threatens Quilombola bioeconomic ‘paradise’ in the Amazon

Liberian courts rubber-stamp export shipment of illegal logs

With new EU rules ahead, Indonesia adds sustainability to its timber legality system

EU ‘moving the goal posts’ with new timber requirement, Indonesia says

If the US aspires to climate leadership, it must break its addiction to the products driving forest destruction (commentary)

Tracking the moves of Asian forestry companies in Central Africa (analysis)

New study identifies mature forests on U.S. federal lands ripe for protection

The Fixers: Top U.S. flooring retailers linked to Brazilian firm probed for corruption

Illegal logging and trade in fine wood threaten Wampis communities in the Peruvian Amazon

With plantation takeover, Brazil’s Indigenous Pataxó move to reclaim their land

End old-growth logging in carbon-rich ‘crown jewel’ of U.S. forests: Study

Outcry in Malaysia as failure to replant forests sparks ‘cover-up’ accusation

Countries that sanctioned Myanmar’s junta are still buying their timber: Report

Madagascar’s insistence on using seized rosewood rattles conservationists

Luxury wood market driving extinction of rare ipê trees, report warns

Zimbabwe’s forests go up in smoke to feed its tobacco habit

Vietnam’s timber legality program not making a dent in risky wood imports

As Malaysian state resumes log exports, Indigenous advocates warn of fallout

Despite sanctions, U.S. companies still importing Myanmar teak, report says

Colombia’s new anti-deforestation law provokes concern for small-scale farmers

Dual pressures of hunting, logging threaten wildlife in Myanmar, study shows

How can illegal timber trade in the Greater Mekong be stopped?

Kenya court orders return of $13m in seized rosewood to suspected traffickers

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