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Harnessing ‘invisible forests in plain view’ to reforest the world

Indigenous communities in Sarawak left in the dark about hydropower proposal

If forests truly drive wind and water cycles, what does it mean for the climate?

Burning wood is not ‘renewable energy,’ so why do policymakers pretend it is?

As Wall Street assigns a dollar value to nature, Indigenous economics charts different path

‘Right to roam’ movement fights to give the commons back to the public

The Narwhal makes waves in Canada for environmental journalism

Resource wars and the geopolitics behind climate-fueled conflicts

Why language is central to the survival of cultures and communities

Rewilding Ireland: ‘Undoing the damage’ from a history of deforestation

HEATED: Challenging objectivity in climate journalism

Can ‘degrowth’ solve our ecological, social & economic problems?

‘Not the End of the World’ book assumptions & omissions spark debate

How independent journalism uncovered a massive crime against people and planet

Wild by nature: Ecological restoration brings humanity and biodiversity together

Climate loss & damage fund ‘the furthest thing imaginable from a success’

Macron touts forest conservation while promoting gas project on PNG visit

COP27: Climate Loss & Damage talks now on agenda, but U.S. resistance feared

Malaysia revokes oil palm concession near UNESCO-listed Bornean park

Australian miner threatens lawsuit against PNG for scrapping carbon scheme

Outcry in Malaysia as failure to replant forests sparks ‘cover-up’ accusation

PNG suspends new carbon deals, scrambles to write rules for the schemes

Malaysian officials deny deforestation drives deadly human-wildlife conflict

As Malaysian state resumes log exports, Indigenous advocates warn of fallout

Analysts point to logging and mining to explain Solomon Islands unrest

Governor rails against ‘bioterrorists,’ ‘carbon cowboys’ destroying PNG’s forests

Malaysia’s Indigenous Penan block roads to stop logging in Borneo

Win for Malaysian forest after government backs down on development plan

Dam builder denies responsibility as logjam chokes river in Malaysian Borneo

They safeguarded nature, but now Malaysia’s Mah Meri face eviction for an eco-resort

For Malaysia’s Indigenous Penan, vaccine doubt is part of historic govt distrust

Tiger habitat threatened by Malaysian royals’ mining plans

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