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As New England forests are razed for solar power, experts urge smarter siting

Harnessing ‘invisible forests in plain view’ to reforest the world

Indigenous communities in Sarawak left in the dark about hydropower proposal

In ‘the century of Africa,’ Mongabay’s new bureau reports its biggest environmental issues and solutions

If forests truly drive wind and water cycles, what does it mean for the climate?

Burning wood is not ‘renewable energy,’ so why do policymakers pretend it is?

As Wall Street assigns a dollar value to nature, Indigenous economics charts different path

Australian state fails on koala conservation while relying on faulty offset schemes, experts say

‘Right to roam’ movement fights to give the commons back to the public

The Narwhal makes waves in Canada for environmental journalism

2024 Goldman Prize Winner Murrawah Johnson: First Nations must be at the forefront of creating change

Consent and costs are key questions on extraction of ‘energy transition’ minerals

Resource wars and the geopolitics behind climate-fueled conflicts

Effective climate activism requires honest conversations about its challenges

Ecological overshoot is a ‘behavioral crisis’ & marketing is a solution: Study

How effective are giant funding pledges by major conservation donors?

Why language is central to the survival of cultures and communities

Rewilding Ireland: ‘Undoing the damage’ from a history of deforestation

Can ecotourism protect Raja Ampat, the ‘Crown Jewel’ of New Guinea?

HEATED: Challenging objectivity in climate journalism

Can ‘degrowth’ solve our ecological, social & economic problems?

Can bioplastics help shape a more sustainable future?

‘Not the End of the World’ book assumptions & omissions spark debate

How independent journalism uncovered a massive crime against people and planet

Mongabay’s top 10 podcast episodes of 2023

Wild by nature: Ecological restoration brings humanity and biodiversity together

How creative & emotive communication conserved 55,000 acres of Peru’s Amazon

Climate loss & damage fund ‘the furthest thing imaginable from a success’

Mongabay CEO discusses slowdown in Amazon loss and other positive news

Glencore’s coal expansion plans face shareholder and Indigenous opposition

Forest elephants are the ‘glue’ holding Congo rainforests together

With record ocean temps, is the Great Barrier Reef facing catastrophe?

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