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Forests & finance: Setbacks for a rare bat, and progress for an oil pipeline

Let it grow: Q&A with reforestation and land restoration visionary Tony Rinaudo

Farmers regreen Kenya’s drylands with agroforestry and an app

Though forests burn, trees retake farmland globally as agroforestry advances

Camera traps yield surprises in West Africa’s largest protected area

Africa’s largest reserve may lose half its area to oil development

When losing your soil means losing your livelihood (commentary)

Farmer-managed natural regeneration: the fastest way to restore trees to degraded landscapes?

There are only three Saharan addax antelope left in the wild

West African countries come together to stop the illegal rosewood trade

Shot Egyptian vulture leads conservationists to bizarre black-market for bird parts

86 percent of big animals in the Sahara Desert are extinct or endangered

Nearly a million people face food crisis in Niger

Scientists: stop treating population growth as a ‘given’ and empower women

Alarm rising over food crisis in Sahel region

The vanishing Niger River imperils tourism and livelihoods in the desert

‘The real Hunger Games’: a million children at risk as Sahel region suffers punishing drought

15 million facing food shortages in Africa’s Sahel region

Niger creates desert park bigger than Hungary

Droughts could push parts of Africa back into famine

Restoring forests: an opportunity for Africa

Great Green Wall gets go ahead

Record number of nations hit all time temperature highs

Summer from hell: seventeen nations hit all-time heat records

Food crisis in Niger occurring “out of the public eye”

Indigenous people, forest communities in Africa control less than 2% of forest land

All about giraffes: an interview with a giraffe expert

Photos: Rarest cheetah photographed for the first time

Goodbye to West Africa’s Rainforests

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