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Conservationists replant legal palm oil plantation with forest in Borneo

Overworked, underpaid and lonely: Conservationists find a new community online

Time is running out for Southeast Asia

It’s Generation Climate (commentary)

Climate change to kill off many of Australia’s cloud forest species

Happy July 4th weekend: new red, white, and blue species discovered

Scientists raise population estimate for world’s most endangered sloth

U.S. to remove extinct cougar from Endangered Species Act

Lions return to Rwanda

Video: camera traps highlight wildlife diversity of ‘forgotten’ park

Cat update: lion and African golden cat down, Iberian lynx up

Can we save the Sumatran rhino? Indonesia holds out hope

New campaign says ‘tickling is torture’ for slow lorises

What do China, Kenya and India have in common? Wildlife trafficking

New population of nearly extinct Madagascar chameleon discovered

New method to measure threat of extinction could help conservationists prioritize

More biodiversity equals cleaner water, but why?

Indigenous group claims Ecuadorian government complicit in ‘genocide’

The value of the little guy, an interview with Tyler Prize-winning entomologist May Berenbaum

Japan disaster to put logging pressure on rainforests in Indonesia, Malaysia

Vanishing mangroves are carbon sequestration powerhouses

Iconic cheetah, Chewbaaka, dies

World Bank proposes to limit funding to coal plants

The saola: rushing to save the most ‘spectacular zoological discovery’ of the 20th Century

Bats worth billions

Unggas merasakan ’empati’ terhadap anak mereka

Kepunahan massal keenam di dunia masih bisa dicegah

‘Luck and perseverance’: new plant genus discovered in Amazon

Carbon labeling good for consumers and business

‘Huge reduction’ of water from plants due to higher carbon levels

Photo: new vipers discovered in Asia’s rainforests

Last year’s drought hit Amazon hard: nearly a million square miles impacted

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