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A ‘crazy beast’ that coexisted with dinosaurs discovered from Madagascar

Japan builds coal plants abroad that wouldn’t be allowed at home: Report

Newly described giant extinct penguin and parrot once lived in New Zealand

‘Extremely rare’ fossil tooth of hamster-sized monkey found in Peru

Volunteers find bones of new species of extinct heron at Florida fossil site

New ancient, giant carnivore described from bones in museum drawer

Human population boom led to Madagascar’s megafauna extinction: Study

For Indonesian presidential hopefuls, burning coal is business as usual

Humans reached Madagascar 6,000 years earlier than previously thought

Land plants may have evolved much earlier than we thought

Fossil discovery in Indonesia reveals ‘lost world’ of beasts

New species of extinct, kitten-sized marsupial lion named after David Attenborough

New species of extinct dolphin discovered in museum collection

Humans torched Madagascar’s forests 1,000 years ago, driving mass extinction

Scientists discover giant sperm fossilized in bat feces (PHOTOS)

The smoothtooth blacktip shark and four other species rediscovered in markets

Giant turtle-devouring duck-billed platypus discovered

Rainforests will survive extreme global warming, argues study

New prehistoric animal named after Johnny Depp due to its ‘scissorhands’

Industrialized fishing has forced seabirds to change what they eat

Humans killed over 10 percent of the world’s bird species when they colonized the Pacific Islands

Giant prehistoric freshwater turtle discovered

Humans killed off magnificent Australian megafauna, flipping rainforest into savannah

Meet the dinosaur that looks like a crow

Carbon emissions paving way for mass extinction in oceans

When giant coyotes roamed the Earth

Paleontologists reconstruct extinct, “elegant” penguin

Jurassic insect sings again

2 spesis baru dinosaur, termasuk 15-haiwan bertanduk, telah ditemui di Utah

2 spesis baru dinosaur, termasuk 15-haiwan bertanduk, telah ditemui di Utah

Interview with conservation legend, Richard Leakey

Scientists discover giant species of crocodile; luckily it is extinct

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