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All life on Earth, and human civilizations, are sustained by vital biogeochemical systems, which are in delicate balance. However, our species — due largely to rapid population growth and explosive consumption — is destabilizing these Earth processes, endangering the stability of the “safe operating space for humanity.” As noted by the main feature in this special Mongabay series, scientists have defined nine planetary boundaries: climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, ozone depletion, atmospheric aerosol pollution, freshwater use, biogeochemical flows of nitrogen and phosphorus, land-system change, and the release of novel chemicals.

A year after toxic tar sands spill, questions remain for affected First Nation

As the world burns, can we learn to live with wildfire health risks?

The health impacts of escalating megafires are everyone’s problem

Polar warning: Warming temperatures mean more than melted ice

Green credentials of electric vehicles come under fire

Report ranks 60+ ideas, including geoengineering, to save the Arctic

Canada oil sands air pollution 20-64 times worse than industry says: Study

Scientists explore nature’s promise in combating plastic waste

At its fourth summit, 170 nations strive toward a global plastics treaty by 2025

Plastic pollution talks end & Arctic peoples return home to a ‘sink’ of plastic

UK’s Drax targets California forests for two major wood pellet plants

Bioplastics as toxic as regular plastics; both need regulation, say researchers

Circular solutions vital to curb enviro harm from cement and concrete

Enviva bankruptcy fallout ripples through biomass industry, U.S. and EU

E-bikes could cut smog, energy use and congestion globally — but will they?

This year’s ranking of EV carmakers from most to least ‘clean’: Report

Critics fear catastrophic energy crisis as AI is outsourced to Latin America

Ecological overshoot is a ‘behavioral crisis’ & marketing is a solution: Study

Fertilizer management could reduce ammonia pollution from 3 staple crops: Study

Pollution poses big risks to global clean water supplies, study shows

Forest and climate scientists fear Biden delay on mature forest protection

Scientists and doctors raise global alarm over hormone-disrupting chemicals

Planetary boundary pioneer Johan Rockström awarded 2024 Tyler Prize

U.S. natural gas expansion would surrender world to fatal warming, experts say

Freeze on Russian collaboration disrupts urgently needed permafrost data flow

The new Arctic: Amid record heat, ecosystems morph and wildlife struggle

Fashioning a circular future for traditional and alternative leather

Can ‘degrowth’ solve our ecological, social & economic problems?

Study: Burning wood pellets for energy endangers local communities’ health

‘Not the End of the World’ book assumptions & omissions spark debate

Agricultural nitrogen pollution is global threat, but circular solutions await

Salmon and other migratory fish play crucial role in delivering nutrients

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