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All life on Earth, and human civilizations, are sustained by vital biogeochemical systems, which are in delicate balance. However, our species — due largely to rapid population growth and explosive consumption — is destabilizing these Earth processes, endangering the stability of the “safe operating space for humanity.” As noted by the main feature in this special Mongabay series, scientists have defined nine planetary boundaries: climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, ozone depletion, atmospheric aerosol pollution, freshwater use, biogeochemical flows of nitrogen and phosphorus, land-system change, and the release of novel chemicals.

Rolling car tires into the global circular economy

EVs offer climate hope, but total auto supply chain revamp is vital

Internal combustion vs. EVs: Learning from the past to boost sustainability

The circular economy: Sustainable solutions to solve planetary overshoot?

‘What we need to protect and why’: 20-year Amazon research hints at fate of tropics

Aviation’s climate conundrum: More than sustainable fuels needed

Sustainable aviation fuels: Potential lagging behind reality

Seas of grass may be dark horse candidate to fuel the planet — or not

Antarctic warming alters atmosphere, ice shelves, ocean & animals

Financial downturn at Enviva could mean trouble for biomass energy

Could biodiversity be a key to better forest carbon storage in Europe?

Jatropha: The biofuel that bombed seeks a path to redemption

EU woody biomass final policy continues threatening forests and climate: Critics

Southern atmospheric rivers drive irreversible melting of Arctic sea ice: Study

A liquid biofuels primer: Carbon-cutting hopes vs. real-world impacts

Japan, EU & UK biomass emissions standards fall short and are full of loopholes, critics say

Companies eye ‘carbon insetting’ as winning climate solution, but critics are wary

Amazon deforestation linked to reduced Tibetan snows, Antarctic ice loss: Study

Russian invasion hinders global biodiversity conservation, study shows

Pollinator declines linked to half million early human deaths annually: Study

Temperature extremes, plus ecological marginalization, raise species risk: Studies

Re-carbonizing the sea: Scientists to start testing a big ocean carbon idea

Biodiversity, human rights safeguards crucial to nature-based solutions: Critics

Protecting canids from planet-wide threats offers ecological opportunities

The Netherlands to stop paying subsidies to ‘untruthful’ biomass firms

Tobacco: Vaping and smoking drive environmental harm from farm to fingertip

Plastic pellet pollution can end through coordinated efforts, report shows

Japan’s example: Can forest planting reduce climate disaster risk?

Counterintuitive: Large wild herbivores may help slow climate change

Climate change is hammering insects — in the tropics and everywhere else: Scientists

Animating the Carbon Cycle: Earth’s animals vital allies in CO2 storage

As EU finalizes renewable energy plan, forest advocates condemn biomass

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