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Green credentials of electric vehicles come under fire

Critics fear catastrophic energy crisis as AI is outsourced to Latin America

The Cloud vs. drought: Water hog data centers threaten Latin America, critics say

Kew Gardens joins local partners to save tropical plants from extinction

Breaking free from photosynthesis: Will high-tech foods save nature?

Deaths of Phillips and Pereira shine light on a region of the Amazon beset by violence

Foreign capital powers Brazil’s meatpackers and helps deforest the Amazon

GM fish engineered to glow in the dark are found in Brazil creeks

In Brazil, a forest community fights to remain on its traditional land

Brazil’s Suzano boasts its pulpwood plantations are green; critics disagree

COP26: “Work with nature in forest restoration,” says respected journalist

Mexico devises revolutionary method to reverse semiarid land degradation

Exhibition showcases Claudia Andujar’s half-century fight for the Yanomami

Bolsonaro abandons enhanced Amazon commitment same day he makes it

The Amazon’s Yanomami utterly abandoned by Brazilian authorities: Report

‘Digital land grab’ deprives traditional LatAm peoples of ancestral lands: Report

Indigenous best Amazon stewards, but only when property rights assured: Study

Brazilian court orders 20,000 gold miners removed from Yanomami Park

Brazil’s indigenous hit especially hard by COVID-19: why so vulnerable?

‘Every time an elder dies, a library is burnt’: Amazon COVID-19 toll grows

Bringing Christ and coronavirus: Evangelicals to contact Amazon indigenous

NGOs charge Brazil’s Bolsonaro with risk of indigenous ‘genocide’ at UN

Prompted by Amazon fires, 230 investors warn firms linked to deforestation

Brazilian response to Bolsonaro policies and Amazon fires grows

Yanomami Amazon reserve invaded by 20,000 miners; Bolsonaro fails to act

Brazil’s Bolsonaro presses anti-indigenous agenda; resistance surges

Amazon at risk: Brazil plans rapid road and rail infrastructure expansion

Brazil’s indigenous agency acts to protect isolated Kawahiva people

Brazil scraps 11 new Amazon protected areas covering 2,316 square miles

Brazilian legislators break law, attack Amazon, trade freely with world: report

Temer’s deforestation policies put Paris goals at risk, scientists warn

3,000 indigenous people gather in Brasilia to protest ruralist agenda

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