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Incentivizing conservation shows success against wildlife hunting in Cameroon

Poverty and plantations: Nigerian reserve struggles against the odds

‘It’s a real mess’: Mining and deforestation threaten unparalleled DRC wildlife haven

Study: Wild meat trade from Africa into Belgium a health and conservation risk

In Nepal, Chepang take up the challenge to revive their cultural keystone tree

Survival and economics complicate the DRC’s bushmeat and wild animal trade

Support rangers to protect wildlife & habitats for the future (commentary)

Shining a light on Sri Lanka’s little-studied pangolins: Q&A with Priyan Perera

Bonobos torn from the wild make their return, with a helping hand

Patrols work, but community-based conservation needs a rethink, study shows

Refuge of endangered ‘African unicorn’ threatened by mining, poaching, deforestation

Deforestation threatens tree kangaroo habitat in Papua New Guinea

Biosurveillance of markets and legal wildlife trade needed to curb pandemic risk: Experts

Domestic bushmeat consumption an “urgent” threat to migratory mammals, U.N. says

For Malagasy trapped in poverty, threatened lemurs and fossas are fair game

Bug bites: Edible insect production ramps up quickly in Madagascar

Podcast: Lemur love and award-winning plant passion in Madagascar

Bushmeat hunting: The greatest threat to Africa’s wildlife?

The Large-antlered muntjac — Southeast Asia’s mystery deer (Commentary)

Brazilian Amazon drained of millions of wild animals by criminal networks: Report

One-two punch of drought, pandemic hits Madagascar’s poor and its wildlife

It’s time to implement solutions that make the bushmeat trade unnecessary (commentary)

Young Nigerian researcher goes to bat against forest fires

Will the next coronavirus come from Amazonia? Deforestation and the risk of infectious diseases (commentary)

As pangolin trade heats up, Nigeria urged to do more to crack down

Inside the fight to save the Niger Delta red colobus

Poaching and the problem with conservation in Africa (commentary)

Habitat loss, climate change make for an uncertain cricket harvest in Uganda

Action plan for red colobus

Illegal hunting a greater threat to wildlife than forest degradation

Scientists rediscover mammalian oddity in remote Vietnam

Bonobo conservation stymied by deforestation, human rights abuses

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