Articles by Nanditha Chandraprakash

Nanditha spent her childhood absorbed in the grasses and their insects, mud and mushrooms, and the trees and their birds. These initial unfiltered experiences and love for all life motivated her to start noting down her observations: about the beauty of nature at first, followed by the adverse issues, both small-scale and large, affecting the natural environment. She worked as an environmental writer for online platforms and wrote about Indian wildlife, researchers, biologists, NGOs, local communities, educators, etc. She simultaneously studied Environmental Law where, for her dissertation, she delved into and wrote about Indian climate change policies (and the lack of them) to protect the country’s biodiversity. Nanditha hopes to take the stories found in new environmental discoveries, research and distresses – with all their nuances – in a relatable style to the masses. She wants to get involved through writing to reach a larger audience and spread awareness among several sections of the society about climate change, intersectionality, and threats to the biodiversity and indigenous peoples, thus influencing policymaking. She is driven by the need to save the disappearing unique grasses, timely mushrooms, and the visiting birds of her past.

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