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Nepal’s shifting biodiversity research landscape: Interview with Karan Bahadur Shah

Thai tiger numbers swell as prey populations stabilize in western forests

Regions with highest risks to wildlife have fewest camera traps, study finds

Study to benchmark water quality finds key Amazon tributary in good shape

Global migratory freshwater fish populations plummet by 81%: Report

Studying snakes without rattling them? There’s now tech for that

34,000-year-old termite mounds in South Africa are still being used

‘Explorer elephants’ in transfrontier conservation area offer solution to tree damage

Camera-trap study brings the lesula, Congo’s cryptic monkey, into focus

New approach to restore coral reefs on mass scale kicks off in Hawai‘i

China-backed mine in Sumatran seismic hotspot rings safety alarms

Reimagining insect research: Interview with Roel van Klink and Leandro Nascimento

Zambian forest reserve rebounds with a little assistance

Crowdsourcing eDNA for biodiversity monitoring: Interview with Kristy Deiner

Nepal’s legal barriers hinder genetic research, forcing scientists to improvise

Know your salamander: To conserve amphibians, study their intelligence (commentary)

Can iron fertilization of the oceans help solve the climate crisis? (commentary)

Amazon deforestation threatens one of Brazil’s key pollinators, study shows

Indigenous Alaskans drive research in a melting arctic

Scientists and farmers restore Aztec-era floating farms that house axolotls

Elusive jaguarundi inspires biologists to share data across Latin America

Yucatán Peninsula’s hidden underground life tracks changes at the surface

Collar cameras shed light on quirky baboon diet

Polar warning: Warming temperatures mean more than melted ice

Messengers of the gods: Nara’s ‘sacred’ deer at a conservation crossroads

Report ranks 60+ ideas, including geoengineering, to save the Arctic

New database unveils the role of Asian hornbills as forest seed dispersers

Research shows the Caatinga is Brazil’s most efficient carbon capture biome

Brazil takes pioneering action — and a vaccine — to rewild howler monkeys

Chimps are lifelong learners, study on tool use shows

Saving Asia’s fishing cat means protecting threatened wetland habitat

Scientists explore nature’s promise in combating plastic waste

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