Articles by Claudia Geib

Claudia Geib is a science writer and editor based on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Claudia's work focuses on environmental, climate, and wildlife science, with a special focus on the ocean and marine animals. Her writing has appeared in National Geographic, NOVA, Hakai Magazine, Undark, Slate, and Atlas Obscura, among other publications. She was also a member of the production teams on the science films The Most Unknown and Picture A Scientist. You can find links to her work at her website: Claudia's deep-rooted love for science and nature sparked during her childhood on Long Island, spent exploring tide pools and scanning the horizon for whales. (On any given day, it's likely you still might find her doing either.) She holds bachelor's degrees in journalism and environmental science from Northeastern University, as well as a master's degree in science writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Claudia is honored to serve as the inaugural Sue Palminteri Wildtech Reporting Fellow, and to explore the fascinating, ever-growing ways that technology helps scientists and conservationists to protect threatened species and habitats, and to peer deeper than into nature's inner workings. In her free time, you can find Claudia sailing, swimming, backpacking, and figuring out how to eat new plants she finds along the way.