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A year after toxic tar sands spill, questions remain for affected First Nation

Weak banking regulations leave two-thirds of Amazon vulnerable to oil and gas

Activists decry latest arrests of East African oil pipeline opponents

Canada oil sands air pollution 20-64 times worse than industry says: Study

Pemex waste contaminates Mexican communities while talking ‘sustainability’

Is the extractive sector really favorable for the Pan Amazon’s economy?

Outdated infrastructure and oil spills: the cases of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador

Planetary boundary pioneer Johan Rockström awarded 2024 Tyler Prize

U.S. natural gas expansion would surrender world to fatal warming, experts say

Ecuador government weighs delaying closure of controversial ITT oil block

Brazil’s 2024-2027 “Transversal Environmental Agenda”: The elephants in the room (commentary)

Courage & calm despite attacks: Q&A with Colombian activist Yuly Velásquez

Guyana Amerindian communities fear Venezuela’s move to annex oil-rich region

U.S. auctions off endangered whale habitat for oil and gas drilling

Brazil’s “End-of-the-World” auction for oil and gas drilling (commentary)

Mega oil and gas auction in the Brazilian Amazon may threaten Indigenous lands

Philippines oil spill may reverberate long after cleanup declared complete

COP28 ‘breakthrough’ elevates litigation as vital route to climate action

Chemical recycling of plastic not so fantastic, report finds

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran & petrochemical industry stall plastics treaty: Critics

Circular economy poised to go beyond outdated oil, gas and coal, experts say

Remediation overdue: South American countries fail to enforce oil cleanup laws

Beyond Climate: Fossil fuels rapidly eroding Earth’s ‘safe operating space’

Beyond climate: Oil, gas and coal are destabilizing all 9 planetary boundaries

Disturbing graves is latest violation attributed to East African oil pipeline

Lifted sanctions on gold, oil could slow conservation efforts in Venezuela

Abandoned oil mess still plagues communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Oil firm Perenco eyes new blocks in DRC amid criticism of its track record

Stop playing politics with climate change: Q&A with Nigeria’s Nnimmo Bassey

How the United Nations, kids and corporations saved the Red Sea from an oil disaster

Peruvian Amazon: Wounds remain after 50 years of oil spills on Achuar land

How Canada’s growing presence in Latin America is hurting the environment

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