Articles by Jewel S. Cabrera

Jewel S. Cabrera is studying toward a bachelor of science in development communication at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Taking technical and social science electives from the College of Human Ecology made her appreciate our environment even more and made her want to do something to protect it. She’s still in the process of finding her place in the vast environmental field, but it is clear to her that she wants to do something meaningful for the environment using what she is capable and trained of doing — writing and communicating. She believes writing and storytelling are powerful ways to communicate and are essential tools to facilitate change. Coming from a country named as the deadliest country for environmental defenders in Asia in 2020 and ranked as the seventh most dangerous country for journalists in 2021, she believes that doing something for the environment should not be a dangerous thing. It is urgent for everyone to stand up and take part in protecting and preserving our environment. It is crucial for communicators to continue writing stories and informing people — especially those who are vulnerable. Aside from writing and storytelling, her interests include photography, macramé, and dogs. She also likes to listen to music as she daydreams about going to different places, doing various outdoor activities, meeting new people, and learning about their culture. She hopes to turn this dream into a reality someday. For feedback and suggestions, you may reach her via email at [email protected].