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Photos confirm narcotraffickers operating in Peru’s Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve

To protect its iconic condors, an entire Bolivian town declared itself a reserve

Remediation overdue: South American countries fail to enforce oil cleanup laws

The oil debt: More than 6,000 polluted sites fester across Amazonian countries

Supply chain report investigates deforestation tied to palm growing in Colombia

Indigenous communities in Argentina’s Chaco fear another heavy fire season in 2023

How will climate change affect Latin America? Scientists respond to IPCC report

‘They have conned us out of our lands’: Conflict brews in Peru as Mennonite settlers clear forest

Peru congress debates stripping isolated Indigenous people of land and protections

Study confirms Bolivian Indigenous park as stronghold for horned curassow

Scientists confirm plastic is a new threat to the Andean condor in Peru

Indigenous communities in Peru ‘living in fear’ due to deforestation, drug trafficking

Indigenous community in Peru losing forests to timber, drug, land trafficking

In the western Amazon, oil blocks eat away at Indigenous lands, protected areas

The Amazon will reach tipping point if current trend of deforestation continues

A look at violence and conflict over Indigenous lands in nine Latin American countries

Oil spill contaminates wildlife, beaches and protected areas in Peru

‘Only the rains will stop it’: Bolivia forest fires hit protected areas

In Peru’s Amazon, deforestation and crime sweep through Indigenous communities

Indigenous Bolivians take the defense of their land into their own hands

Fires leave trail of dead wildlife, scorched land in Bolivia’s protected areas

Marine experts flag new Peru marine reserve that allows industrial fishing

In Peru, a corrupt land-titling scheme sees forests sold off as farms

Shoe-leather science helps quadruple protected area in Peruvian Amazon

Peru to establish rainforest reserve for isolated Indigenous peoples

Rare black jaguars caught on camera in Panama

A million hectares ablaze as forest fires sweep through Bolivia

Peru prosecutors probe Amazon deforestation linked to Mennonite communities

More than 470 oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon since 2000: Report

‘It’s taking away our wise men’: COVID-19 hits Peru’s Indigenous people hard

Company investigated for timber trafficking gets stimulus from Peru government

For South America’s wilderness areas, COVID-19 brings risk and respite

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