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Green credentials of electric vehicles come under fire

Toilet paper: Environmentally impactful, but alternatives are rolling out

JBS is accused of misleading investors with suspicious green bonds

At a plantation in Central Africa, Big Oil tries to go net-zero

Brazil’s Suzano boasts its pulpwood plantations are green; critics disagree

In Brazil, an agribusiness haven’s green pivot leaves many skeptical

Rainforest Alliance Certification gets a 2020 upgrade

Google searches reveal public interest in conservation is rising

Do we need to move ‘beyond certification’ to save forests?

Malaysian palm oil body encourages fiction over fact

Malaysia to launch palm oil certification scheme to compete with RSPO

Healthier economy leads to more ‘green’ advertising

Kontroversial perusahaan pulp dan kertas jaminan paviliyun perubahan iklim Indonesia di Durban

Controversial pulp and paper companies underwrite Indonesia’s climate change pavilion in Durban

Environmental news in review: Keystone pipeline delayed, Dole exits banana project, a rhino goes extinct

Report questions legitimacy of Asia Pulp & Paper’s conservation initiatives

Entertainment media skews public perception of chimpanzees in the wild

Supermarket challenges toilet paper marker to disprove deforestation allegations

Taking corporate sustainability seriously means changing business culture

Shipping firm pledges to disconnect itself from rainforest destruction

REDD project developer Carbon Conservation partly acquired by mining company

Palm oil lobby attacks World Bank’s new social and environmental safeguards

Pro-deforestation group calls for weakening of U.S. law against illegal logging

Pro-deforestation group criticizes palm oil giant for sustainability pact

Apakah Menebangi Hutan Hujan untuk Kertas dan Bubur Kayu Bantu Kurangi Kemiskinan di Indonesia?

Does chopping down rainforests for pulp and paper help alleviate poverty in Indonesia?

Indonesian logging company makes ‘deceptive’ claims on carbon conservation project

Nobel Prize winner, anti-poverty group, scientists fire back at logging lobbyist

Scientists blast greenwashing by front groups

Misleading claims from a palm oil lobbyist

Corporations, conservation, and the green movement

Malaysia/Indonesia partnership proposed to counter environmental complaints over palm oil

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