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Green groups under threat from governments and corporate actors: As climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction worsen across the globe, environmental groups are responding by ratcheting up the pressure on governments and corporations to act. Many governments have responded by increasing restrictions on environmental NGOs, including revoking charity status, increasing sentences for protestors, and passing legislation restricting NGO activity.

Mother Nature Cambodia activists sentenced to prison — again

Mongabay video screening at Chile’s Supreme Court expected to help landmark verdict in Brazil

Indonesian activist freed in hate speech case after flagging illegal shrimp farms

Final cheetah conservationists freed in Iran, but the big cat’s outlook remains grim

Indonesian activists face jail over FB posts flagging damage to marine park

Vietnamese environmentalist sentenced to 3 years in prison for tax evasion

Son of slain Quilombola leader will still strive for community’s rights

Video: Five Tembé Indigenous activists shot in Amazonian ‘palm oil war’

Indigenous activists demand justice after 5 shot in Amazonian ‘palm oil war’

Climate of fear persists among Nepal’s eco defenders as threats rise

Indigenous chief shot in head in Brazil’s ‘palm oil war’ region; crisis group launched

‘You don’t kill people to protect forests’: New Thai parks chief raises alarm

Vietnam’s environmental NGOs face uncertain status, shrinking civic space

‘We lost the biggest ally’: Nelly Marubo on her friend Bruno Pereira’s legacy

Murders of 2 Pataxó leaders prompt Ministry of Indigenous Peoples to launch crisis office

Worries and whispers in Vietnam’s NGO community after activist’s sentencing

Scientists call for end to violence against Amazon communities, environmental defenders

Indigenous advocates sense a legal landmark as a guardian’s killing heads to trial

In Brazil, an Indigenous land defender’s unsolved killing is the deadly norm

A look at violence and conflict over Indigenous lands in nine Latin American countries

Citizen participation: a key achievement at the first COP to the Escazú Agreement

“We are on the front line”: Q&A with Indigenous land defender Adiela Jineth Mera Paz

Death threats and friction with military force Guatemalan rangers to flee

Amazon mining threatens dozens of uncontacted Indigenous groups, study shows

The Kichwa woman fighting drug traffickers and loggers in the Peruvian Amazon

Rights groups demand end to Cambodia’s persecution of green activists

With Indigenous rights at stake in Brasília, a territory is attacked in Paraty

Brazil’s Bolsonaro vowed to work with Indigenous people. Now he’s investigating them

Intimidation of Brazil’s enviro scientists, academics, officials on upswing

Thailand’s Indigenous Peoples fight for ‘land of our heart’ (commentary)

Brazilian woman threatened by Amazon loggers wins global human rights award

Indonesian fishers opposed to dredging project hit by ‘criminalization’ bid

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