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It’s the bee’s needs: Study finds best plants for bee health, conservation

Beekeeping helps villagers tend coastal forests in Thai mangrove hotspot

Experts aim to protect one of Brazil’s giant emblematic tree species

Water is key as study shows restoration of drained tropical peat is possible

Can Vietnam’s forests survive the spread of acacia and eucalyptus plantations? (commentary)

Campesinos bring life back to a deforestation hotspot in the Colombian Amazon

Innovative Nepali PSA seeks emotional connection to save red pandas

New database unveils the role of Asian hornbills as forest seed dispersers

Fishers, scientists restore mangroves on a Mexican isle wrecked by salt mining

UK’s Drax targets California forests for two major wood pellet plants

AI model maps global tree canopy heights in hi-res, with carbon counting in mind

DRC’s 1 billion trees program makes progress, but hurdles remain

Sierra Leone cacao project boosts livelihoods and buffers biodiversity

Drone cameras help scientists distinguish between drought stress & fungus in oaks

Tropical forest loss puts 2030 zero-deforestation target further out of reach

Enviva bankruptcy fallout ripples through biomass industry, U.S. and EU

Tanzania’s ‘mountain of millipedes’ yields six new species

Toilet paper: Environmentally impactful, but alternatives are rolling out

Conflict in the canopy as human and climate factors drive liana dominance over trees

Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay

A highway project in Chile threatens one of the world’s longest-living tree species

In Colombia, race is on to save 8 rare tree species found nowhere else

Reforestation of Indonesia’s new capital city stumped by haphazard planting

Livelihoods at stake as Lake Victoria’s papyrus swamps come under pressure: Photos

Ghana’s medicinal plants, the ‘first aid’ for communities, are under threat

Tropical forests share similar mix of common and rare tree species, study shows

Caribbean traditional plant knowledge needs recognition or it’s lost: Study

Bangladeshi farmers eye moringa as a climate and economic solution

To help beleaguered Javan rhinos, study calls for tree felling, captive breeding

Bird-friendly maple syrup boosts Vermont forest diversity & resilience

To protect its iconic condors, an entire Bolivian town declared itself a reserve

‘Immense body of knowledge’ at stake in Cambodia’s Prey Lang as deforestation soars

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