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Owner of South African hunting company indicted by US prosecutors over illegal elephant hunt

Rangers face a ‘toxic mix’ of mental strain and lack of support

Meet the winners of the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize

From galaxies far, far away to endangered species just over the hill

Illegal ‘white gold,’ South Africa’s abalone, pouring into Hong Kong: TRAFFIC

Powering cameras and empowering people

Rhino poaching in South Africa dipped slightly last year, but ‘crisis continues unabated,’ conservationists say

The ups and downs of marine protected areas: Examining the evidence

Crowdsourcing the fight against poaching, with the help of remote cameras

Rhino DNA database helps officials nab poachers and traffickers

U.S. court ruling complicates Trump’s elephant and lion policy

Prince Harry becomes president of conservation group

Bees for trees: testing a potential tool for reducing human-elephant conflict

Scientists call for cheetahs to be listed as Endangered

Portable DNA analysis tool identifies species on site to help combat wildlife crime

The uncertain future of Bogotá’s shantytowns

Carbon sequestration role of savanna soils key to climate goals

Traffickers find new ways to smuggle rhino horn out of Africa

Rhino horn on the auction block in South Africa

On poaching in South Africa, education “has saved more wildlife than any guard with a gun”

Hard but worth it: researchers fight invasives on Subantarctic islands (commentary)

When it comes to rhino conservation, Asia and Africa can learn a lot from each other

New York detective work saves rhinos in South Africa (commentary)

Breaking a fence-breaking habit: maintaining the fences that reduce human-elephant conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is decimating leopard numbers in one of their last African strongholds

South Africa makes it legal to sell rhino horns

Plans to mine coal in South African protected area trigger conservation battle

Translating the barcode of wildlife into action

Scanning the barcode of wildlife

Trophy hunters overstate contribution of big game hunting to African economies: Report

Ecological trap ensnares endangered African penguins

Fighting rhino poaching in India, CSI-style

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