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New study reaffirms Indigenous lands key to mitigating climate change in Brazil

Deforestation in Earth’s largest rainforest continues to plummet despite a rise in fires

Governments are ramping up actions to fight environmental crime across the Amazon, but is it working? (commentary)

Cross-border Indigenous efforts in Peru & Brazil aim to protect isolated groups

New technologies to map environmental crime in the Amazon Basin (commentary)

To reverse deforestation and protect biodiversity, build a bioeconomy in the Amazon (commentary)

Detailed NASA analysis finds Earth and Amazon in deep climate trouble

Science panel presents COP28 with blueprint for saving the Amazon

Amazon deforestation declines but fossil fuels remain contentious, COP28 shows

Safety of Peru’s land defenders in question after killing of Indigenous leader in the Amazon

Least-studied areas of Brazilian Amazon at high risk from climate change

What Brazil should have said at COP28 but didn’t (commentary)

Cacao and cupuaçu emerge as Amazon’s bioeconomy showcases

New online map tracks threats to uncontacted Indigenous peoples in Brazil’s Amazon

EU bill and new green policies spur progress on Brazil’s cattle tracking

Peru signs $20-million debt-for-nature swap with focus on Amazon rainforest

How the Amazon’s ‘greatest devastator’ sold cattle to a Carrefour supplier 

Amazon deforestation continues to fall under Lula

Rare Amazon dark soils could help forest restoration, study shows

A Twitter bot tracks meat production in the Brazilian Amazon

Latin America had the most attacks on environmental defenders in 2022, says report

World’s ‘largest’ tropical reforestation project slowed by Covid, Bolsonaro, fires

Brazilian Indigenous anthropologists turn the tables from ‘objects of study’ to active voices

Lula wants to mirror Amazon’s lessons in all biomes, but challenges await

Mapping of no-drill areas in Ecuador’s Amazon can be scaled for entire rainforest: Study

Amazonian countries must act together to reverse rainforest loss, experts say

From Japan to Brazil: Reforesting the Amazon with the Miyawaki method

Dammed, now mined: Indigenous Brazilians fight for the Xingu River’s future

Weakening of agrarian reform program increases violence against settlers in Brazilian Amazon

From deforestation to restoration: Policy plots path to Amazon recovery

How agroforestry can restore degraded lands and provide income in the Amazon

COP27: ‘Brazil is back’ to fight deforestation, Lula says, but hurdles await

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