Patagonia News

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Offshore drilling faces backlash in Argentina after skirting environmental regulations

Penguins ‘enrich our lives’: Q&A with Pablo Borboroglu, protector of penguins

In Chile’s Patagonia, another salmon plant angers water defenders

Indigenous Kawésqar take on salmon farms in Chile’s southernmost fjords

In Patagonia, a puma’s life is decided by political borders

China-funded dam could disrupt key Argentine glaciers and biodiversity

Fires threaten vital peatland in Chile’s Tierra del Fuego

Scientists on a quest to map worldwide web of fungi beneath our feet

Rewilding public lands in Patagonia and beyond: Q&A with Kris Tompkins

Canadian company positions for mining ban lift in Argentine province

Unsung Species: One of Earth’s rarest land mammals clings to a hopeful future (commentary)

From CEO to Conservation Legend: An Interview with Kristine Tompkins

Swallowing swimming pools: New sensory tags capture kinetics of lunge-feeding whales

Chile drops hugely controversial mega-dam project in wild Patagonia

Animal picture of the day: the gray zorro

Violent protests follow approval of massive dam project in Patagonia

New population discovered of the America’s mini snow leopard: the Andean cat

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