Articles by Francesco De Augustinis

Francesco De Augustinis is a freelance journalist and documentarist with 10 years experience in food and environmental issues. He worked with different media outlets (The Guardian, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, The Huffington Post, EUObserver, The Ferret). In 2012 he won the 1st edition of the Roberto Morrione Award for television enquiries, with an investigation on the large amount of pesticides used in tobacco farming (Killed by Tobacco Farming, 25’). In 2019 he was the author of the awarded documentary Deforestation Made in Italy (, about the trade of raw materials linked to tropical deforestation in South America, such as beef, soy, pulp and paper, timber and leather, imported in Italy and other European Countries in large amounts. In 2019 he founded the independent media project on sustainability One Earth (