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Women in Sierra Leone unite after devastating floods | Mongabay Sessions

Climate surprises: Amazonia and the lessons of Brazil’s catastrophic flood in Rio Grande do Sul (commentary)

Floods set to worsen on Sumatra peat as landscape gives way

‘Weather whiplash’ cycles of floods & droughts imperil Nigerian farming

Sumatra villages count cost of deadly river tsunami swelled by illegal logging

We need rapid response support for Indigenous peoples in the face of growing extreme weather events (commentary)

‘Another catastrophe’: Flooding destroys Indigenous agroforestry projects in Peru’s Amazon

Big problems for little animals when floodwaters rise, study finds

In climate-related flooding, a Ugandan river turns poisonous

Climate change brings a river’s wrath down on western Uganda

As climate disasters claim their children, Bangladeshi mothers seek safety in bigger families

As Sri Lanka floods swell with climate change, so does human-crocodile conflict

Thailand tries nature-based water management to adapt to climate change

Java farmers displaced by dam remain treading water after decades

Kenya’s Lake Victoria floods leave orphaned children to run their households

Super flock of pigeons leaves Nepali researchers asking what happened

Can land titles save Madagascar’s embattled biodiversity and people?

In Philippines, climate change tests Indigenous farming like never before

Expanding agriculture could worsen flooding in South American plains, study says

Red floods near giant Indonesia nickel mine blight farms and fishing grounds

Flooding for hydropower dams hits forest-reliant bats hard, study shows

Organic farming, and community spirit, buoy a typhoon-battered Philippine town

After historic storm in New Zealand, Māori leaders call for disaster relief and rights

Robust river governance key to restoring Mekong River vitality in face of dams

Do tiger-dense habitats also help save carbon stock? It’s complicated

As hydropower dams quell the Mekong’s life force, what are the costs?

Herders turn to fishing in the desert amid severe drought, putting pressure on fish population

Humanitarian experts report ‘cascading crises’ as climate, health emergencies soar

Japan’s example: Can forest planting reduce climate disaster risk?

In Sierra Leone’s fishing villages, a reality check for climate aid

Sulawesi hydropower dam could flood important archaeological sites

Ahead of polls, Nepal’s political parties, voters take heed of climate impacts

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