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Education & research bring Rio’s dolphins back from the brink of extinction

Ancient giant river dolphin species found in the Peruvian Amazon

Irrawaddy dolphin death in Thailand’s Songkhla Lake underscores conservation needs

Report: Rising slaughter of small whales and dolphins threatens ocean balance

Indus River dolphins’ survival is our responsibility (commentary)

Nine countries sign global pact to protect endangered river dolphins

Fishing ban extension raises hopes for iconic Amazon pink river dolphin

AI unlocks secrets of Amazon river dolphins’ behavior, no tagging required

Fishing, dams and dredging close in on Peru’s river dolphins, study shows

Expedition catches Amazon river dolphins to help save this iconic pink species

Top French court orders closure of fisheries amid mass dolphin deaths

Scientists and fishers team up to protect Bolivian river dolphin

Potential impact on whales overlooked as deep-sea mining looks set to start, experts say

Banned but abundant, gillnets pose main threat to Bangladesh’s river dolphins

Unsustainable fishing to be banned in Irrawaddy dolphin’s Bornean sanctuary

Black Sea dolphin deaths prompt ecocide allegations against Russia

Noise pollution spooks whales the way predators would, study finds

Death of last river dolphin in Laos rings alarm bells for Mekong population

Stretch of Borneo’s Mahakam River eyed for protection to save Irrawaddy dolphins

Pingers on fishing nets found to save river dolphins in Indonesian Borneo

Project maps soundscape of human noise in northern Adriatic and impact on marine life

Faroe Islands to evaluate traditional hunt after slaughter of 1,400 dolphins

Can whales and dolphins catch COVID-19 from wastewater? It’s murky

Dolphins face growing pressure as development eats into Borneo’s interior

Mauritians take to the street over oil spill and dolphin and whale deaths

Podcast: Singing and whistling cetaceans of southern Africa revealed by bioacoustics

To flourish, Sri Lanka’s whale-watching industry must operate responsibly (commentary)

Brazil could dynamite Amazon dolphin, turtle habitat for industrial waterway

Amazon river dolphin risks extinction if Brazil moratorium not renewed

Decade after BP Deepwater Horizon spill, oil drilling is as dangerous as ever

In Sri Lanka, gillnets targeting tuna claim dolphin lives

Key cetacean site in Philippines sees drop in dolphin, whale sightings

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