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‘Fungibility’ could sink Convention on Biodiversity’s funding mechanism Decision 15/9 (commentary)

How philanthropy in Asia is evolving

To conserve large landscapes like the Florida Wildlife Corridor, payments for ecosystem services could be key (commentary)

Will a billionaire bankroll biodiversity? CBD Decision 15/9 as potential ‘goldmine’ (commentary)

In largest ever study, Indigenous and local communities report the impacts of climate change

New online tool is first to track funding to Indigenous, local and Afro-descendant communities

Biological field stations deliver high return on investment for conservation, study finds

To reverse deforestation and protect biodiversity, build a bioeconomy in the Amazon (commentary)

Mexico announces 20 new protected areas despite budget cuts

Direct funding of Indigenous peoples can protect global rainforests & the climate (commentary)

The year in rainforests: 2023

2023’s top 10 Indigenous news stories (commentary)

For forests, COP28 was better than expected, but worse than needed

Mongabay’s top 10 podcast episodes of 2023

COP28 cements goal to halt forest loss in 7 years, but where’s the money?

Amazon deforestation declines but fossil fuels remain contentious, COP28 shows

Despite progress, small share of climate pledge went to Indigenous groups: report

Indigenous land rights are key to conservation in Cambodia (commentary)

How Indigenous peoples and local communities can make the voluntary carbon market work for them (commentary)

As U.S. insurers stop covering prescribed burns, states and communities step up

Can carbon markets solve Africa’s climate finance woes?

Myanmar’s primates and their guardians need more support, study says

Can blue bonds boost investment in ocean conservation? (commentary)

Gorilla permit fraud dents community-led conservation efforts in Uganda

Forest conservation ‘off-track’ to halt deforestation by 2030: New report

More capacity building funds needed for small nonprofit conservation groups (commentary)

African NGOs seek more funds, trust, and autonomy in global partnerships

World owes it to Tanzania to keep Eastern Arc forests standing, study shows

For the oceans, global community must fund Sustainable Development Goal 14 (commentary)

Indigenous peoples undersupported on frontline of hotter, drier, fiery world

What’s next for the new Global Biodiversity Fund? (commentary)

Peru signs $20-million debt-for-nature swap with focus on Amazon rainforest

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