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How many orangutans does $1 billion save? Depends how you spend it, study finds

NGOs alert U.N. to furtive 2-million-hectare carbon deal in Malaysian Borneo

Study: Indonesia’s forest-clearing moratorium underdelivered — but so did donors

‘No planet B’: Groups call for $60bn increase in annual biodiversity funding

Moore Foundation pledges extra $300m to boost conservation of Amazon

Indigenous-led report warns against ‘simplistic take on conservation’

Indigenous Comcáac turtle group saves sea turtles in Mexico’s Gulf of California

‘Great Blue Wall’ aims to ward off looming threats to western Indian Ocean

Could the Blockchain help save the Amazon? (commentary)

Lockdown underscores Uganda’s overreliance on tourism to fund conservation

Conservation projects in Mesoamerica make the case for Indigenous climate funding

Uganda’s ‘Dr. Gladys’ honored by U.N. for work linking conservation and health

$1.5 billion Congo Basin pledge a good start but not enough, experts say

Allegations of displacement, violence beleaguer Kenyan conservancy NGO

Questions over who gets the billions pledged to Indigenous causes at COP26

Forest declarations are nice, but profitability determines land use in the Amazon (Book excerpt)

New global partnership aims to remove barriers to Indigenous climate finance

Bornean communities locked into 2-million-hectare carbon deal they don’t know about

The ‘net zero’ bridge to saving the Amazon (commentary)

$1.7 billion pledged in support of Indigenous and local communities’ land tenure

Donor agencies should ditch the club and embrace more locals (commentary)

Conservation will only scale when non-conservationists see its value, says James Deutsch

How can philanthropy be more effective in environmental grant making? (commentary)

African Parks secures $100M for conservation in Africa

Climate philanthropy’s opportunity for impact: Q&A with Bridgespan’s Sonali Patel

Convergence, community and justice: Key emerging conservation trends of the pandemic era (commentary)

Gabon becomes first African country to get paid for protecting its forests

‘Inspiring behavior change so people and nature thrive’: Q&A with Rare’s Brett Jenks

An engaged society is key for the future of African conservation, says WWF Africa’s Alice Ruhweza

Behind the buzz of ESG investing, a focus on tech giants and no regulation

Governments, companies pledge $1 billion for tropical forests

Nature is no longer “a nice to have,” it’s “a must-have”: Q&A with André Hoffmann

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