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Global green growth stalled by climate finance shortfalls (commentary)

Big promises to Indigenous groups from new global nature fund — but will it deliver?

New global biodiversity fund to restore nature worldwide by 2030 officially launches

To safeguard a rare Brazilian woodpecker, an NGO bought out its habitat

Does the Global Biodiversity Framework give due consideration to market mechanisms? (commentary)

Ecuador to boost protection of Galápagos in biggest debt-for-nature deal ever

Funders commit $102.5 million to support tribal-led conservation efforts in the U.S.

We need to show that planetary wins are possible, says Dax Dasilva

Citizen-run conservation booms in South America, despite state neglect

Mobilizing Amazon societies to reduce forest carbon emissions and unlock the carbon market (commentary)

Indigenous funding model is a win-win for ecosystems and local economies in Canada

Blended finance can supercharge conservation (commentary)

Biodiversity credits: An opportunity to create a new financing framework (commentary)

Study: Paying fishers to ease off sharks and rays is cost-effective conservation

On climate & biodiversity, where are we, post-COP15? (commentary)

Top 10 notable Indigenous stories of 2022

Nations adopt Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Mongabay’s Conservation Potential series investigates: Where do we need to protect biodiversity?

Emmanuel Macron’s “Biodiversity Credits”: What are we talking about? (commentary)

Indigenous peoples and communities drive climate finance reform

Despite pledges, obstacles stifle community climate and conservation funding

Small share of land rights pledge went to Indigenous groups: Progress report

Forests & Finance: Sit-ins, seeds over seedlings, and fuel-saving cookstoves

Beyond bored apes: Blockchain polarizes wildlife conservation community

A conservation failure in Sumatra serves a cautionary tale for PES schemes

Does citizen ownership of natural resources hold the key to realizing deforestation commitments? (commentary)

Government inaction sees 98% of deforestation alerts go unpunished in Brazil

Lessons from panda conservation could help Asia’s other, overlooked, bears

Sri Lanka’s environmentalists brace for economic meltdown’s toll on nature

With record $5.3B in pledges, GEF aims for more flexible environmental funding

Funding, titling project for Indigenous-led organizations launched

Funding for women-led conservation remains tiny, but that’s changing fast

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