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In Bali fish die-offs, researchers spot a human hand

Mangrove deforestation may be releasing more CO2 than Poland, study finds

The Philippines commits to science-anchored fishery policies

Eat less meat, save species and ecosystems, says WWF UK

‘SALT’ alliance aims to tackle illegal fishing on a global scale

Communities struggle to save Sabah’s shrinking mangroves

Coal undermines Indonesia’s food production: report

Photos: Where once were mangroves, Javan villages struggle to beat back the sea

Mangrove loss threatens migratory shorebird route in North Sumatra

A Thai oil firm, Indonesian seaweed farmers and Australian regulators. What happened after the Montara oil spill?

How ‘jobless men managing the sea’ restored a mangrove forest in Java

In Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta, a rapidly disintegrating mangrove forest

Environmentalists squirm as Jokowi eyes Lake Toba tourism bonanza

Mother Nature and a hydropower onslaught aren’t the Mekong Delta’s only problems

First Toba, now Maninjau: another mass fish death hits an Indonesian lake

Why did millions of fish turn up dead in Indonesia’s giant Lake Toba?

Fish-farm escapees are weakening Norwegian wild salmon genetics

On World Mangrove Day, 9 things to know about these tough plants

Sri Lanka set to become first nation to protect all mangroves

Fish farms need not be outlawed in Indonesia’s Lake Toba: minister

Military sent to clear fish farms in Indonesia’s Lake Toba

Millions of fish die suddenly in Indonesia’s giant Lake Toba

U.S. plan to develop offshore aquaculture stirs dissent

New ‘Blue Economy Challenge’ wants your solutions to transform the aquaculture industry

Aquaculture comes to Lake Victoria, but will it help wild fish?

Why are Southeast Asia’s mangroves being destroyed? Hint: it may be your diet

Poor management ails endangered Boeseman’s Rainbowfish aquaculture

Javanese fishermen switch from lobsters to stingrays as an unintended consequence of new catch limits

Could inland aquaculture help save the oceans and feed the world?

Indonesia’s new president, ministers have big plans for fish

Of Prawns and Men on the Bali Strait

Frankenfish or scientific marvel?: giant GM salmon await U.S. approval

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