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Peruvian communities demanding crude cleanup brace for more oil activity

Uncontacted Amazon indigenous groups reportedly attacked by outsiders

Protest against oil pollution ends with accords on pipeline inspection, remediation, compensation

Cuninico: the fight for clean water continues

New talks on oil pollution could end indigenous blockade of Amazonian river in Peru

Another pipeline spill reported in Peruvian Amazon as indigenous protests enter eighth week

Negotiations and protests ongoing in wake of oil spills in Peruvian Amazon

Communities brace for impact of Peruvian oil spill

Health officials in Peru: oil spill cleanup workers face ‘poisoning and burns’

Amazon oil spill puts Peruvian communities at risk

The African palm oil frontier expands deeper into the Peruvian Amazon, impacting indigenous communities’ territories

A railroad that crosses the Amazon could be an infeasible, expensive dream for Peru

Grassroots leader’s murder in Peru is a signal to opponents of mining, son says

Private conservation lands under threat in Peruvian Amazon

9 months after Amazonian oil pipeline spill, effects and fears linger

Partnering for conservation benefits Tacana people, Bolivian park

Outgoing government wipes hard drives, slowing environmental progress in Peru

How do parks affect the poor? Jury’s still out, some experts say

Innovating Brazil nuts: a business with roots in the rainforest

Community tourism fills niche around Tambopata National Reserve

Indigenous territories play dual role as homelands and protected areas

Environmental wisdom: keeping indigenous stories alive

A model forest? Regional park balances local needs and conservation

High gold price triggers rainforest devastation in Peru

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