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India at heart of illegal otter trade

Illegal wildlife trade in Asia decimating species, warn scientists

After mass die-off, saiga antelope numbers go up in Kazakhstan

Singapore crushes illegal ivory worth $10 million

From endangered species to commodities: report reveals scale of wildlife crime

More remains seized, deeper issues revealed at Thailand ‘Tiger Temple’

Only 60 vaquita porpoises remain in the world

Kenya to burn more than 105 metric tons of ivory

It’s World Pangolin Day again. What can you do to help?

‘Aquatic cocaine’: Illegal trade in swim bladders of rare fish puts world’s rarest porpoise at risk of extinction

Peru to protect world’s largest-known population of giant Manta Rays

‘Bear-moving’ revamped: a better way to reduce conflict in the Himalayas?

New blood record: 1,020 rhinos killed in South Africa

Tiger traffickers busted in Indonesia

Officials bust one of the biggest players in illegal Indonesian manta ray trade

Indonesian authorities bust porcupine-smuggling ring

The threat of traditional medicine: China’s boom may mean doom for turtles

Rhino with bullet in its brain and hacked off horn wanders for days before being put down

South Africa loses nearly 150 rhinos to poachers so far this year

Over 1,000 rhinos killed by poachers in South Africa last year

Consumer report uncovers why people buy rhino horn

Unlikely success: how Zimbabwe has become a global leader in rhino conservation

Six smugglers sentenced to jail time over pangolin trafficking in Malaysia

Rhino slaughtered for its horn in city park

Zoos call on governments to take urgent action against illegal wildlife trade (photos)

First ever pangolin conference concludes all eight species in trouble

Manta ray tourism worth 28 times more than killing them for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prince Charles: take the war to the poachers

Rhino horn madness: over two rhinos killed a day in South Africa

Lions for sale: big game hunting combines with lion bone trade to threaten endangered cats

Double bad: Chinese vessel that collided with protected coral reef holding 22,000 pounds of pangolin meat

Pity the pangolin: little-known mammal most common victim of the wildlife trade

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