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Experts see red over Indonesia’s planned green investment label for coal plants

Indigenous knowledge settles question of a Bornean tree species: Study

‘Prospect of existence’: Nameless grasshopper sparks taxonomic debate

Malaysia’s white-handed gibbons may be two subspecies, not one, study shows

Sex organs reveal new jumping spider species in the Philippines

Bold project hopes to DNA barcode every species in Costa Rica

Three new species of chameleons emerge from centuries-old entanglement

There’s a new fin whale subspecies in the North Pacific

A fishy translocation highlights dangers of ‘taxonomic inflation’

50% of world’s natural history specimens may have wrong names

Giant clams are easy to recognize, but genetics proves there is more than meets the eye

The neglected giraffe: world’s tallest animal in need of conservation assistance

Scientists describe over 100 new beetles from New Guinea

Three new species of carnivorous snails discovered in endangered habitat in Thailand (photos)

Looking beyond the hundred legs: finding new centipedes in India requires many tools

Scientists discover new wasp species in a field box from the 1930s (photos)

Scientists could name every species on Earth in 50 years

Noel Rowe: all the world’s primates “in one place”

Coral reef biodiversity may be vastly underestimated

Humanity knows less than 15 percent of the world’s species

Not enough data on world’s tropical plants to predict impact of warming world

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