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‘Extinct’ trees found in Tanzania sparks hope for ecosystem recovery

Indigenous people and NGO grow a wildlife corridor in the world’s oldest rainforest

Governments are ramping up actions to fight environmental crime across the Amazon, but is it working? (commentary)

New technologies to map environmental crime in the Amazon Basin (commentary)

To reverse deforestation and protect biodiversity, build a bioeconomy in the Amazon (commentary)

Tech to recover rainforest: Interview with Osa Conservation’s Carolina Pinto & Paulina Rodriguez

Mongabay’s top 10 podcast episodes of 2023

Indonesia remembers Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, rare policymaker who stood for nature

What Brazil should have said at COP28 but didn’t (commentary)

Brazil proposes $250 billion “Tropical Forests Forever” fund for rainforests

Forest restoration to boost biomass doesn’t have to sacrifice tree diversity

Carbon credit certifier Verra updates accounting method amid growing criticism

Jurisdictional REDD+ ready to fund forest-positive, socially-inclusive development in the Amazon and beyond (commentary)

In Borneo, the ‘Power of Mama’ fight Indonesia’s wildfires with all-woman crew

Forest conservation ‘off-track’ to halt deforestation by 2030: New report

Restoring degraded forests may be key for climate, study says

Cacao and cupuaçu emerge as Amazon’s bioeconomy showcases

Forest restoration can fare better with human helping hand, study shows

‘We don’t have much time’: Q&A with climate scientist Pierre Friedlingstein

On Indonesia’s Seram Island, a massive oil find lies beneath sacred land

Why should funding Amazon forest sustainability be the world’s top priority? (commentary)

From cardamom to carbon: Bold new Tanzanian project is regrowing a rainforest

Timber harvests to meet global wood demand will bring soaring emissions: Study

Forests & finance: Protection and restoration in Cameroon and Senegal, fire threat in Angola

Orangutan death in Sumatra points to human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade

Dollars and chainsaws: Can timber production help fund global reforestation?

What happened in the world’s rainforests in 2022?

Indonesia’s orangutans declining amid ‘lax’ and ‘laissez-faire’ law enforcement

Forests & Finance: Certification for deforesters, and repression for an evicted community

Forests & Finance: From logging in Cameroon to cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire

Forests & Finance: A road project, food baskets, and unique wildlife

Ethiopia’s honey forest: People and wildlife living in sweet harmony

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