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In unprecedented move, Michelin adopts zero deforestation for rubber sourcing

Tripa’s Trials: protecting key orangutan habitat through the courts

An agribusiness revolution is needed to save Africa’s last great apes

New study finds insufficient degraded land for further strong oil palm expansion in Kalimantan

Major legal system breakdowns threaten great apes of Africa, Asia

Leuser’s Legacy: how rescued orangutans help assure species survival

Oil palm company takes lead on sustainable agriculture in Gabon

Massive profiteering uncovered in Indonesian fertilizer distribution

Communities and cutting-edge tech keep Cambodia’s gibbons singing

Cambodian communities follow different routes to justice over Socfin rubber project

After long battle, big swath of Sumatran rainforest wins protection

Unrestrained rubber expansion wreaking havoc on forests

Rich forest diversity found in new Yunnan, China preserve

Sumatran tiger found dead in a pig trap

Satellite images show deforestation on fringes of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cameroon

Growing need for deforestation-free rubber as tire demand destroys native forests

Meeting an Illegal Logger

Community’s push to clear forest for plantation challenges efforts to conserve in Indonesia

Plantations used as cover for destruction of old-growth forests in Myanmar

New plantation concessions threaten Borneo pygmy elephants

Cambodia’s largest lowland rainforest spared from new land concessions

Exploring Asia’s lost world

Forgotten species: the wild jungle cattle called banteng

Photos: Cambodians rally as ‘Avatars’ to save one of the region’s last great rainforests

Goodbye national parks: when ‘eternal’ protected areas come under attack

Cambodia approves rubber plantation—in national park

Cambodians prevented from protesting destruction of their forest

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