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Under cover of COVID-19, loggers plunder Cambodian wildlife sanctuary

‘If they take our lands, we’ll be dead’: Cameroon village battles palm oil giant

How the legacy of colonialism built a palm oil empire

Vietnamese agribusiness firm HAGL accused of clearing indigenous land in Cambodia

Global consumer demands fuel the extinction crisis facing the world’s primates

Deforestation for potential rubber plantation raises concerns in Papua New Guinea

How rubber farmers can reduce risk and help the environment (commentary)

Illegal logging poised to wipe Cambodian wildlife sanctuary off the map

Huge rubber plantation in Cameroon halts deforestation following rebuke

Norway divests from plantation companies linked to deforestation

The biggest rainforest news stories in 2018

New research quantifies ecosystem services provided by Amazon rainforest

What’s causing deforestation? New study reveals global drivers

Community groups in Cambodia say logging surged with approaching election

Deforestation for rubber ramps up near UNESCO site in Cameroon

New research calculates full carbon cost of oil palm cultivation in Indonesia’s forests

Rubber plantation in Cameroon edges closer to UNESCO World Heritage Site

Audio: Exploring humanity’s deep connection to water, plus the sounds of the Sandhill crane migration

Sarawak’s Penan now have detailed maps of their ancestral homeland

Oil palm, rubber could trigger ‘storm’ of deforestation in the Congo Basin

Carbon credit prices too low to protect forests from rubber, study finds

Bridgestone aims for full sustainability by 2050

Saving Sumatran orchids from deforestation, one plant at a time

Interoceanic Highway incites deforestation in Peru, threatens more to come

Sumatran region heats up as forests disappear

Amid life and death risks, Brazil’s land defenders stand firm

Indigenous groups, activists risk arrest to blockade logging in Malaysia

No safe forest left: 250 captive orphan chimps stuck in sanctuaries

Where the forest grants went

NASA releases images of dramatic deforestation in Cambodia

The year in tropical rainforests: 2016

Indonesia’s oil palm plantations are rife with spitting cobras

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