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Traditional foods have the potential to help Kashmir communities adapt to climate change: study

‘Miracle’ in miniature as rare new plant defies deforestation in Ecuador

Peru puts endemic fog oasis under protection

Fishers, scientists restore mangroves on a Mexican isle wrecked by salt mining

It’s tough to be a wild orchid: Interview with conservation biologist Reshu Bashyal

DRC’s 1 billion trees program makes progress, but hurdles remain

Tanzania’s ‘mountain of millipedes’ yields six new species

‘Planting water, eating Caatinga & irrigating with the sun’: Interview with agroecologist Tião Alves

Traditional Aboriginal fire practices can help promote plant diversity: Study

Conflict in the canopy as human and climate factors drive liana dominance over trees

Brazil risks losing the Pampa grassland to soy farms and sand patches

Culture and conservation thrive as Great Lakes tribes bring back native wild rice

A highway project in Chile threatens one of the world’s longest-living tree species

In Colombia, race is on to save 8 rare tree species found nowhere else

Livelihoods at stake as Lake Victoria’s papyrus swamps come under pressure: Photos

Ghana’s medicinal plants, the ‘first aid’ for communities, are under threat

Caribbean traditional plant knowledge needs recognition or it’s lost: Study

Bangladeshi farmers eye moringa as a climate and economic solution

In Brazil’s Caatinga, adapted agroforests are producing food from dry lands

Photos: Top species discoveries from 2023

Some hemp with your wine? Study shows better soil, potentially flavors from intercropping

‘Immense body of knowledge’ at stake in Cambodia’s Prey Lang as deforestation soars

A community-led strategy to save Brazil’s dry forests from desertification

Traditional healers push for recognition and licensing of age-old Himalayan practice

Nearly half of the world’s flowering plants face the threat of extinction, study says

Keeping herbivores at bay helps in early stages of restoration, studies show

The tricky business of commercializing invasive plants to death

Glyphosate leaves its mark even in protected areas of Brazil’s Cerrado

São Paulo nurseries bring the city’s rare and forgotten trees back to life

Bangladesh survey records invasive alien plants threatening protected forests

Gone before we know them? Kew’s ‘State of the World’s Plants and Fungi’ report warns of extinctions

99% of Caatinga biome could lose plant species due to climate change: Study

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