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Thai tiger numbers swell as prey populations stabilize in western forests

Sundarbans fisherfolk are battered by cyclones amid fishing bans

Sumatra pulp & paper giants violate zero-deforestation pledge, activists allege

Madagascar lemurs, tortoises seized in Thai bust reveal reach of wildlife trafficking

China-backed mine in Sumatran seismic hotspot rings safety alarms

Environmental protests under attack: Interview with UN special rapporteur Michel Forst

How effective is the EU’s marquee policy to reduce the illegal timber trade?

Indonesians mourn loss of Hariadi Kartodiharjo, beloved ‘father of governance’

#AllEyesonPapua goes viral to highlight threat to Indigenous forests from palm oil

Indonesian palm oil firm clashes with villagers it allegedly shortchanged

Trial begins for Mother Nature Cambodia activists on conspiracy charge

As catches fall, Sierra Leone’s artisanal fishers turn to destructive practices

Indonesian activist freed in hate speech case after flagging illegal shrimp farms

On a Borneo mountainside, Indigenous Dayak women hold fire and defend forest

Environmental defenders paid the price during Panama’s historic mining protests – report

Impunity and pollution abound in DRC mining along the road to the energy transition

Latest palm oil deforester in Indonesia may also be operating illegally

Final cheetah conservationists freed in Iran, but the big cat’s outlook remains grim

Indonesia resumes lobster larvae exports despite sustainability, trade concerns

No answers for Ghanaian fishery observer’s family months after suspected death

New illegal logging threatens Liberia’s forests amid vague ban

Forest officer’s killing highlights Bangladesh authorities’ waning power

Cross-border Indigenous efforts in Peru & Brazil aim to protect isolated groups

As fires ravaged Indonesia in 2023, some positive trends emerged, data show

Island-building and overfishing wreak destruction of South China Sea reefs

Indonesian court jails environmentalist for flagging illegal farms in marine park

Cambodian official acquitted in trial that exposed monkey-laundering scheme

Indonesian activists face jail over FB posts flagging damage to marine park

Under the shadow of war in the DRC, a mining company acts with impunity

Madagascar takes key step toward improving transparency of its fisheries

Impunity for Cambodia’s exotic pet owners as trade outpaces legislation

Indonesia unveils plan to launch a satellite network for maritime monitoring

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