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To renew or not to renew? African nations reconsider EU fishing deals

No protection from bottom trawling for seamount chain in northern Pacific

Annual South Pacific fisheries meeting nets bottom trawling controversy

Critics push for more transparency at RFMOs that govern high seas fishing

Report shines partial light on worst labor offenders in opaque fishing industry

Not MPAs but OECMs: Can a new designation help conserve the ocean?

Madagascar signs new ‘sustainable’ tuna deal with the EU

How to ‘flip’ a paper park: Success in the North Sea carries lessons

At sea as on land? Activists oppose industrial farming in U.S. waters

‘Manta grid’ provides a ray of hope against industrial bycatch threat

Will new bottom trawling rules do enough to protect South Pacific seamounts?

Illegal bottom trawling widespread inside Mediterranean marine protected areas

New Zealand convicts company of illegal trawling in high seas restricted area

Changes to Madagascar’s trawling sector raise questions and hopes

Madagascar’s small fishers cheer new trawl-free zone, but do trawlers obey it?

‘Unprecedented’ fires in Madagascar national park threaten livelihoods and lemurs

China joins the foreign fleets quietly exploiting Madagascar’s waters

Slash-and-burn farming eats away at a Madagascar haven for endangered lemurs, frogs

A Madagascar forest long protected by its remoteness is now threatened by it

Madagascar shuts down ‘illegal’ gold mine but activists remain in legal limbo

Madagascar’s top court criticizes government handling of mining project

After canoe chase, Madagascar authorities seize 144 endangered tortoises

Grasslands claim their ground in Madagascar

Marijuana cultivation whittling away Madagascar’s largest connected forest

In Madagascar, revived environmental crime hotline leads to tortoise bust

Shell of bioluminescent shrimp not only glows but detects light

Bid to get ‘aquatic wild meat’ off the menu and under protection

Lucky ducks: Once thought extinct, rare pochards take steps toward recovery

Madagascar: Is NGO-led conservation too conservative to conserve much?

Can a national management plan halt Madagascar’s shark decline?

Madagascar: Opaque foreign fisheries deals leave empty nets at home

Madagascar: What’s good for the forest is good for the native silk industry

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