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Brazil timber imports ‘may have breached US flooring giant’s probation’

Cambodian environmental activists reportedly arrested

Legal failings leave illegal loggers unpunished and certified in Indonesia

Timber organization’s backing ‘one step’ toward ‘peace park’ in Borneo

Video: Romania’s deadly fight against illegal logging

Indigenous Cacataibo of Peru threatened by land grabbing and drug trade

Colombian and Ecuadorian Indigenous communities live in fear as drug traffickers invade

Cocaine production driving deforestation into Colombian national park

Mongabay’s environmental investigations in 2020

Industrial agriculture threatens a wetland oasis in Bolivia

Illegal deforestation rises in South America’s Indigenous territories, parks

Soy moratorium averted New Jersey-size loss of Amazon rainforest: Study

Peruvian court absolves cacao company of illegal Amazon deforestation after “lobbying effort”

Brazilian woman threatened by Amazon loggers wins global human rights award

Report: Illegal Russian lumber flooded Europe despite timber laws

New snail subspecies with ‘upside down shell’ found in last green frontier east of Manila

Fueled by impunity, invasions surge in Brazil’s Indigenous lands

Peru prosecutors probe Amazon deforestation linked to Mennonite communities

Chinese demand and domestic instability are wiping out Senegal’s last forests

IPBES report details path to exit current ‘pandemic era’

2020 fires endangering uncontacted Amazon Indigenous groups

Mining covers more than 20% of Indigenous territory in the Amazon

The Amazon savanna? Rainforest teeters on the brink as climate heats up

Forest degradation outpaces deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Study

Solomon Islands environmental defender faces life sentence for arson charge

‘Tamper with nature, and everyone suffers’: Q&A with ecologist Enric Sala

Under cover of COVID-19, loggers plunder Cambodian wildlife sanctuary

Bleak milestone: 500 major fires detected in Brazilian Amazon this year

Study revealing New Guinea’s plant life ‘first step’ toward protection

New road cutting into Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peruvian Amazon sparks debate, fears and a film

Indigenous best Amazon stewards, but only when property rights assured: Study

More than 260 major, mostly illegal Amazon fires detected since late May

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