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Illegal plant trade, tourism threaten new Philippine flowering herbs

Understaffed and under threat: Paraguay’s park rangers pay the ultimate price

No choice: Why communities in Paraguay are cutting down forests to survive

Double blow to Colombian Amazon and Indigenous groups from armed militants, COVID-19

Marijuana farms expand in Paraguay reserve despite gov’t crackdowns

Investigation links meat giant JBS to Amazon deforestation

Protected areas in Paraguay hit hard by illegal marijuana farming

The U.N.’s grand plan to save forests hasn’t worked, but some still believe it can

Indonesia approves coal road project through forest that hosts tigers, elephants

‘On the edge’: Endangered forest cleared for marijuana in Paraguay

COVID-19 lockdown precipitates deforestation across Asia and South America

EU and partner countries must protect gains in legal timber trade during COVID-19 (commentary)

Ikea using illegally sourced wood from Ukraine, campaigners say

‘Saving sun bears’: Q&A with book author Sarah Pye

Court forces Ecuador government to protect Indigenous Waorani during COVID-19

‘Betting on impunity’: Brazilian Amazon under attack despite logging crackdown

Illegal farms on indigenous lands get whitewashed under Bolsonaro administration

COVID-19 and rainforest fires set up potential public health crisis

In Philippines’ Palawan, top cop linked to assault on environmental officer

Brazilian government taken to court for assault on environment, climate

A bid to legitimize invasions of Brazil’s indigenous lands faces a court challenge

Overlap of fire, COVID-19 peaks: A ‘catastrophe’ for Brazil’s Amazon

Amazon deforestation gig economy booms despite COVID-19 (Photo Essay)

Offensive against the Amazon: An incontrollable pandemic (commentary)

Loggers attack Brazilian environmental official in Amazon; Bolsonaro silent

Illegal logging ‘mafia’ stripping hornbill habitat in Northeast India

‘They never intended to conserve it’: Outcry as loggers gut Cambodian reserve

Brazil opens 38,000 square miles of indigenous lands to outsiders

Brazil sacks officials who curbed deforestation on Amazon indigenous lands

Takeover of Nigerian reserve highlights uphill battle to save forests

No tourism income, but this Philippine community still guards its environment

Satellite data show Amazon rainforest likely drier, more fire-prone this year

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