Drought News

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Loss of water means loss of culture for Mexico’s Indigenous Yaqui

Study to benchmark water quality finds key Amazon tributary in good shape

After historic 2023 drought, Amazon communities brace for more in Brazil

As drought parches Mexico, a Yaqui water defender fights for a sacred river

Pantanal’s intense blazes stoke fears of another destructive fire season

Ancient farming system and campesino livelihoods at risk in Mexico City

Uzbekistan plants a forest where a sea once lay

In Brazil’s Cerrado, aquifers are losing more water than they can replace

‘Weather whiplash’ cycles of floods & droughts imperil Nigerian farming

An ancient Indigenous lagoon system brings water back to a dry town in Ecuador

Drone cameras help scientists distinguish between drought stress & fungus in oaks

Climate change could drive mammal extinction in Brazil’s Caatinga, study warns

Rainwater reserves a tenuous lifeline for Sumatran community amid punishing dry season

Agroforestry project sows seeds of hope in drought-hit Honduras

Critics fear catastrophic energy crisis as AI is outsourced to Latin America

Brazilian youngsters discuss how they are tackling the climate emergency

Sumatra firefighters on alert as burning heralds start of Riau dry season

Harsh dry season sours harvest prospects for Java coffee farmers

Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay

Climate change, extreme weather & conflict exacerbate global food crisis

Climate change made 2023 Amazon drought 30 times more likely, scientists say

Maluku farmers sweat El Niño drought as Indonesia rice prices surge

Extreme drought in western Pará pushes family farmers into agroforestry

The year in rainforests: 2023

With half its surface water area lost, an Amazonian state runs dry

Detailed NASA analysis finds Earth and Amazon in deep climate trouble

Thailand tries nature-based water management to adapt to climate change

Salty wells and lost land: Climate and erosion take their toll in Sulawesi

Last of the reef netters: An Indigenous, sustainable salmon fishery

Fish out of water: North American drought bakes salmon

Forests hold massive carbon storage potential — if we cut emissions

The Cloud vs. drought: Water hog data centers threaten Latin America, critics say

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