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Deforestation from soy shows no sign of stopping in Cerrado, report says

Major soy producers announce improved deforestation commitments—with caveats

Amazon deforestation declines but fossil fuels remain contentious, COP28 shows

Cargill widens its deforestation-free goals, but critics say it’s not enough

Study links pesticides to child cancer deaths in Brazilian Amazon & Cerrado

EU bill and new green policies spur progress on Brazil’s cattle tracking

How the Amazon’s ‘greatest devastator’ sold cattle to a Carrefour supplier 

What can the U.K. do to fight its dependence on soy?

Despite billions tied to clean supply chains, China’s Cofco still turns to deforesters

Bolivia has a soy deforestation problem. It’s worse than previously thought.

Mongabay’s top Amazon stories from 2022

Growing soy on cattle pasture can eliminate Amazon deforestation in Brazil

Biofertilizers cut costs and GHG emissions for Brazilian soybean producers

Beef is still coming from protected areas in the Amazon, study shows

Crimes against the Amazon reverberate across Brazil, analysis shows

Commodity kings Cargill, Bunge buying soy from stolen Indigenous land, report says

From agribusiness to oil to nuclear power and submarines: welcome to anti-environmental Putin-Bolsonaro alliance (commentary)

A new index measures the human impacts on Amazon waters

‘Giving up’: Amazon is losing its resilience under human pressure, study shows

John Deere and Brazilian bank team up to equip farmers deforesting the Amazon

French deforestation database pressures Brazilian soy traders to clean up supply chain

Forests for sale: How land traffickers profit by slicing up Bolivia’s protected areas

Indigenous groups call for gov’t intervention as land grabbers invade Bolivian protected area

Forest declarations are nice, but profitability determines land use in the Amazon (Book excerpt)

Fomenting a “Perfect Storm” to push companies to change: Q&A with Glenn Hurowitz

Grain production depends on ending deforestation, studies show

A bad fire year predicted in Brazil’s Acre state. What’s to be done?

Tesco’s meat problem (commentary)

Soy and cattle team up to drive deforestation in South America: Study

For Norway salmon farms giving up deforestation-linked soy, Cargill proves a roadblock

Norwegian poultry producer bars Brazilian soy due to deforestation risk

Cattle-driven clearing continues in Brazil’s Triunfo do Xingu protected area

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