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A new method assesses health of Chile’s headwaters, and it’s not good news

More droughts are coming, and the Amazon can’t keep up: Study

EU votes to keep woody biomass as renewable energy, ignores climate risk

Even without human-driven deforestation, climate change threatens some forests

As Europe eyes Africa’s gas reserves, environmentalists sound the alarm

We’ve crossed the land use change planetary boundary, but solutions await

For companies shopping for quality carbon credits, a new guide offers help

Indonesian bill turns coal-derived fuels clean by ignoring true scale of emissions

El Salvador declares rare ‘red alert’ amid surge in forest fires

Paraguay’s drought hits biodiversity, Indigenous communities the hardest

Palm oil firm that dried out its land held not liable for fires that followed

New study helps cattle ranchers monitor ecological impact on U.S. rangelands

One in five hectares of oil palm in Indonesia is illegal, report shows

New restoration “Playbook” calls for political, economic, and social change

Scientists urge Biden to remove logging, fossil fuels, biomass from budget bills

Behind grand declarations at COP26, a long track record of failure

Half-Earth, conservation, and hope: An interview with E.O. Wilson, Paula Ehrlich and Sir Tim Smit    

New study identifies regions of greatest conservation potential for species, water quality, carbon

Advocates raise alarm over proposal to reopen DRC forests to loggers

Soil and its promise as a climate solution: A primer

Fire season intensifies in the Brazilian Amazon, feeding off deforestation

Rocky Mountains are burning more now than ever, and it could get worse

U.N. declares decade of ecosystem restoration to ‘make peace with nature’

Indonesia to retire coal-fired power plants while also adding more

Indonesian president slammed for ‘wait-and-see’ approach on climate action

Indonesia says no new coal plants from 2023 (after the next 100 or so)

Indonesia’s bid to control deforestation wildly off-target, experts say

Indonesia’s net-zero emissions goal not ambitious enough, activists say

81 Indigenous leaders, environmental defenders slam BlackRock in open letter

We have turned the Amazon into a net greenhouse gas emitter: Study

JBS, other Brazil meatpackers linked to devastating Pantanal fires, Greenpeace says

Deforestation in Indonesia hits record low, but experts fear a rebound

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